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Is there a "Frontline Plus" for humans?

Asked by Evan (810points) December 4th, 2009

Frontline Plus, as I understand it, will instantly kill any fleas AND ticks that might into the dog, or crawl around on it, or some such. Seems to work like a charm. Now not that I’d do it all the time, but is there something that works to actually KILL the fleas and ticks like that, but for use on humans?

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No, the Frontline Plus product is not for human use. I suggest you discuss a proper treatment with your doctor.

I did read several accounts that Skin-So-Soft by Avon is an effective insect repellant.

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I don’t think fleas are able live on human proteins. If you keep treating your animals (and home) they’ll eventually leave you alone (and be dead).

I’m not aware of any flea treatment to be used on people anyway and Google didn’t yield any results. However, I did find this blog that specifically deals with eradicating fleas. Talk about niche.

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Yes, either eat a clove of garlic every day. Or a whole raw onion.

You will have no fleas… Or friends for that matter.
Well, your Italian friends will just get hungry around you.

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@ChazMaz Aren’t you confusing fleas with vampires? ;)

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Vampires you wear it.

Fleas you eat it.

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Regular and frequent bathing…

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Frontline doesnt actually instantly kill fleas. It only kills them once they bite the animal. I would just make sure your animal is clean of the fleas as well as your furniture. They make plenty of sprays that will kill them on contact.

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No there is nothing like this for humans.

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I agree with @Yarnlady. My husband use to be a drill instructor in Paris Island, (South Carolina) and the recruits would use Skin So Soft to keep the bugs off. I think its the oil and smell that keeps them off. I notice if I wear a lot of lotion the bugs don’t bug me as much. They may try to land on me but then they fly away.
There is a skin so soft bug repellent that is suppose to work better than regular skin so soft.

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