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Do you know of any good blogs about (foreigners, especially) living in Japan? Would you mind sharing?

Asked by evegrimm (3707points) December 6th, 2009

I am planning on traveling to Japan next summer for a language immersion program, but for right now, I would love to read some blogs about normal people (especially students and/or Americans!) living in Japan—eating Japanese food, experiencing Japanese culture, etc.

Do you know of any you could share?


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There is this one, and then there is this one, which has lots of photos. And then I like this one although it may not relate to what you plan to do while in Japan.

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@Darwin, thank you. I will look into those. (I’m not really looking for ideas of things to do, just looking at Japanese things! :P)

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Well, the third one tells you much more than you ever wanted to know about Japanese TV, but it is indeed interesting to me.

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I would check out the JET (The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme) website. They have forums up where the people currently in the program talk about life in Japan:

This one was created by people who have lived in Japan or are going to live in there. They cover practically everything you can think of.

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@DrasticDreamer, thank you so much! I am aware of JET but had no idea they had a forum…definitely a good place to find some quality info.

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I may also be going to Japan next summer to study abroad and perfect my use of Japanese.

I found this blog ages ago, before there were blogs. It’s written by a black guy who teaches in Japan and it’s pretty funny. I wouldn’t normally distinguish the author’s skin color but it’s occasionally a topic in his Japan journal (e.g., everyone in Japan wants to know how big his penis is).

The link I gave you has his journal and more focused “cultural observations”. I especially recommend the journal.

Edit: Actually my memory seems to have conflated the two. You would probably be more interested in his cultural observations, I guess.

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I’m an American expat living in London, and I’ve found that some of websites for expats living abroad can be helpful. Try doing a Google search using the terms expat, japan and american (or whatever your nationality is).

Here’s one for Japan:
Expat Blog – Japan

And a page specifically for Americans moving to or living in Japan:
American expats in Japan

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