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I need some suggestions for my blog about Japanese entertainment?

Asked by Keizou (4points) June 28th, 2007

I need some suggestions for my blog about Japanese Entertainment?

the name of my blog is The Keizou Journal.

It's a new blog that covers various topics relating to Japanese entertainment, including: Japanese music (J-music), Japanese TV dramas (J-dorama), Japanese movies (J-movies), and anime, with a focus on sci-fi & historical genres.

I find that there are way too many anime blogs so I decided to just focus on my two favourite anime genres: historical and sci-fi.

Please visit and post any suggestions or tips. I welcome all suggestions and tips.

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I've taken a look at your blog, Keizou. Despite living in Japan, I am not really a big fan of a lot of pop culture here. Your blog however did introduce me to a few things I would like to take a closer look at. I guess you are writing this blog as an introduction to the Japanese entertainment world for non-Japanese. Is that your audience? If your intended readers are English speaking, non-Japanese, then I suspect you have a nice balance of commentary and explanation. Your synopses were excellent. Very readable.
As for advice, why not check out some of the SNS groups on MIXI just to see if you can find other blogs covering this territory. You might find it more interesting to focus on one particular genre. Your blog's territory seems a bit ambitious. I guess my thought would be.......try to know your audience and write FOR THEM. Best of luck!

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thanx for the advice!!!(^_^)

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