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What if I put four packages of boxed casserole potatoes into one baking dish?

Asked by Jeruba (45815points) December 7th, 2009

I am thinking of doing this as a quick solution to a potluck problem for tomorrow (too many things to do at once). I’ll add something to it to make it a little tastier, but having the bulk of the work done is the key.

The question is: how long in the oven?

One box of Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes bakes for 20 minutes at 450°. If I do four at once, how should I change the time and temperature?

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20 minutes x 4 four boxes of Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes = 80 minutes?

Don’t really know, I’m not a cook.

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that sounds icky

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I do not think the cooking time would change if you simply used a larger dish to accommodate the extra boxes. I would start them for the 20 minutes, and then test with a fork. if the potatoes are tender and feel done, you are good to go. if not, try them for another 5–10 minutes (based on how done they feel).

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It depends on the shape of the dish and how deep the potato mixture is. To look at the extreme cases, lots of potatoes spread thinly over a larger area could even cook more quickly than a smaller quantity in a thick layer. But if you had a cube-shaped batch made from one box and a cube-shaped batch made from four boxes, the cooking time for the big cube would be close to four times as long

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I’m going to assume that you mean regular oven (as opposed to microwave.)

It should be approx the same amount of time. But if you are planning on adding a significantly longer time, you would need to increase the liquid.

But if you use a shallow pan rather than deeper, I would just add 5–10 mins. at the most. Just keep an eye on the top for scorching.

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I would do the original 20 minutes, but because there’s more volume, I’d keep the dish in the oven and bake it a while longer, checking the dish in increments of 5 minutes until it was done the way it should be done.

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Thanks for all recommendations. I am trying to figure out how long to allow so it will be done at the right time. Adding 5 minutes and 5 minutes more and 5 minutes more sort of defeats that.

Normally when I double a recipe I have to allow a little longer baking time. I might even expect to reduce the temperature a bit so it can heat all the way through without getting overdone on top. I thought maybe somebody else had tried this.

Yes, regular oven. Deeper casserole. And these boxed things aren’t the same as cooking real food. I just don’t have time for something fancy, and we are supposed to bring a main dish.

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Hmm. 4 boxes? You’re not going to use so much water, then, if it’s all in one dish? Maybe 35 minutes at 425° – 430°. I’m just guessing now, though.

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for each box, reduce water by ¼…....
Hope I’m not too late.
I typically make 2 boxes at once and I ready on BettyCrocker some time ago, for each additional box, reduce the amout of water….Cooking time increases about 5 minutes only.

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Thanks, @Skippy. Not too late—this is for tomorrow. I searched the Betty Crocker website and could not find any advice on this. I also tried Google but didn’t even get close.

Reduce water by 25%? or one-quarter cup?

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I did by ¼ cup per box. I believe you use 1 cup per box, so use ¾ cup per box. Be sure your dish is large enough for all.
Drop the milk also, but I did that by eye – when I was mixing it. Just when all was disolved with the water, I put maybe ½ cup per box….and that was enough.

I put an old cookie sheet in the oven under the caserole dish, just in case. With a hubby and 2 teenaged boys, 2+ boxes is norm in my house!

Good Luck, let us know how it works.

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We served a dozen baked and quartered organic sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving. They were delicious as is and just required a quick reheating.

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After thinking it over, we decided that it wouldn’t be much more trouble to just go ahead and make scalloped potatoes from scratch. So we did. We’ll just reheat tomorrow before we go.

It was a lot more trouble, but we didn’t think it would be. Oh, well, this is a better dish anyway.

I’ll use your suggestions on doubling up, @Skippy, next time I take this shortcut for the family at home.

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I have in the past used Bob Evens potatos in a bag, milk and shredded cheese. Baked..
You can eyeball it for milk, butter and some water. It’s really homemade tasting.

Glad I could help some. I’m sure what you’ve made will be delish!!! :)

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