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Ever listened to singles by an artist you like but never listened to an entire album?

Asked by mrentropy (17168points) December 8th, 2009

When I was growing up in the ‘80s I listened to the radio a lot, but didn’t buy a lot of albums. Most of the music I had was taped from the radio. There were a lot of songs that I liked, just not enough to ask or buy an album, though (too busy buying games for my Atari 400).

Years later, like this past year, I realized that while I really liked songs by, say, Men At Work, I had never listened to an entire album of theirs. So I broke down and got the first Men At Work album and listened to it. But there are a ton of others that I’ve still never heard songs by if they weren’t on the radio, like Human League, The Motels, Jackson Brown, Cyndi Lauper, and probably more.

Is there an artist that you liked and heard singles by, but have never heard an entire album and find that you’d like to now?

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Yeah, every one hit wonder. I’d like to hear what never had a chance of making it on the radio. I’ve heard a few, and I’m sure if I checked, I’d find that the hit was more-often-than-not, written by someone besides who wrote the rest of the album. Ya know?

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I don’t really listen to full albums very often, unless I really get into that particular artist (which has only happened a handful of times in my lifetime. Usually the songs I heard on the radio were the only songs by that artist I found worth listening to. My iPod is filled with artists of whom I only have 1 or 2 songs, so when people look through it and say, “Oh! You like so-and-so too?” they usually discover that I have the one song of theirs that was on the radio.

Some examples of these: Bloc Party (“Jerk it Out” was featured on one of the early iPod commercials), The Weakerthans (I loved “Left and Leaving” and downloaded their albums only to find that I didn’t like any other songs), The Walkmen (“We’ve Been Had” was on a car commercial some years ago) anndd… I can’t think of any others at the moment. Shows how important they are to me.

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Rick Astley.

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I do it all the time because I never buy albums and I don’t bother looking up the songs that are on it to download it. Maybe one day when I have a career I will be able to afford CD’s again.

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I always just liked certain songs but was never interested in listening to a whole album because it can be very disappointing! Like the groups of today: JayZ brings out good songs but I don’t really want to know what he has left in an album. The last CD I got was from Snow Patrol. They release great songs but I found the rest of the album a bit of a let down so I don’t bother anymore; I listen to the songs I like!

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I do that pretty much everytime I drive my car as I always have the radio on. I often enjoy listening to some of the songs I hear but have no interest in buying the album it comes from.

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Hocus Pocus by Focus. The album reeks except for the one song.

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@majorrich I could not agree with you more. Not to mention the lead singer of the band is friggin’ scary-looking.

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I suppose it’s just one of those over-sentimental nostalgia things.

Although I have to agree about Focus.

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