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Do you have a droid? how are you liking it?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) December 8th, 2009

I switched from an iPhone 3g to the Droid. Loving it. Annoyed I can update manually. Hopefully Verizon does better.

How is your Droid?

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It is my new passion. I think Ohio may be passing a law that will let me mary it.

But then people will wine because it isnt marriage because it isnt between a man and a woman. :(

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I have a myTouch running Android. I really don’t get why Verizon can’t just call it that.

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I love it its alot better than my Htc Touch Pro im dissappointed with the exchange sync, they should have not included the feature instead of half-assing it like they did.

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Mine is pretty much my favorite thing ever. It seems like something to bond over, too. When I see kids around campus and we both have our phones out one of us always says something like, “Hey, nice phone.” One time while I was waiting to get my burrito/eating in the commons this guy and I spent a good 20 minutes or so talking about our phones and cool apps.
Anyway, I really like it.
Sooo… anyone know some cool apps?

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I looooveeeeee it. Sometimes my internet is slow though out of the blue in places where I know I have a good connection. Thats annoying but I don’t really care that much. 5 stars for the droid! Oh and I love the touch screen, I usually hate typing on touch screens but this one is accurate enough that I don’t mind it at all. I also like the keyboard. Tis perfect.

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@Allie He was hitting on you. :) Straight guys don’t know how to tell girls they like them, so they just talk and hope they something that makes you want to get to know them better.

It doesn’t work, but that is their plan.

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@mowens Aww, cute. I wish I had known that then, or been a bit less oblivious.

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I don’t seem to remember ever owning a droid. Very interesting….

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Cool apparently I’m using if anyone wants to add to it.

Seesmic for twitter
Google sky maps
Google goggles
flixster for movies
Google voice
Advanced task killer
and wheres my droid

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@PupnTaco Lurve for Star Wars reference

@Allie Next time you see him say hi.

This is of course if he is cute. :)

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I forgot. The only thing I don’t like about it is how the background works. For the life of me I can not find a picture that looks good both ways.

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@deni im totally feeling you.

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@deni @willbrawn What do you mean “looks good both ways?”

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@Allie How if you set a background image, it flips when you turn the phone. And it crops it so much. So it’s hard to find a picture that looks decent when you’re using just the front screen and also when you turn it and are using the keyboard. Do you know what I mean? It’s kind of hard to explain. Or maybe there is a way to change this??????

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@deni Oh. I always just use a simple wallpaper type pattern like this.

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i dont have one but i herd they were awsome

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Droid Apps are simply the most compatible out there right now. There are no issues such as those faced by myTouch owners of apps not working on their version of Android and such. That’s the biggest selling point for the Droid above all other Android devices right now. It just rocks. No hassles at all.

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gotta add that I got rid off my droid. I really don’t like android. I think it’s an ugly os and I hated the fact that there is no native task killer. And apps just start running in the background on there own.

I have a palm pre plus now. Loving it. Simply phone with an awesome os.

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Is there ANY way to speed up the Android OS, or to disable background apps? My MyTouch is SO SLOW and SO INFURIATING. It takes like 5 minutes to load Google Maps and then another 5 minutes to get back to the dialer. WTF

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