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Will the Droid dethrone the iPhone?

Asked by erichw1504 (26396points) November 6th, 2009

Do you believe that the Verizon Droid will be able to dethrone the iPhone in sales, capability, and popularity to mass consumers? Will it be the next best cell phone? Do you plan on getting one or will you get/stay with the iPhone?

Is there another phone you think is better or will become the next best cell phone?

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I doubt it. They waited WAY too long to release it. There are plenty of people who will buy it, but if they wanted to honestly compete, it should have been released 2+ years ago.

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No way, Apple has a firm grip on the situation. I’m sure they’re laughing at the competition.

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nope. not a chance.
I am a huge fan of Android, I hope it succeeds; but Apple is the master at their game.

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Not at the $600 price point. They’ll be giving them away like Razrs in a year.

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@pdworkin They’re going for $199 w/two year activation.

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Amazing to me how fast Android is catching up (and passing) Apple in some technical aspects. The pace of development is staggering.

Even more mind-bogglingly amazing is how Apple has gotten so far ahead of the competition so much faster in the first place. I’d say it’s unprecedented.

It’s one thing to chase a known goal: to see something accomplished by someone else and then work to attain the same thing.

But Apple single-handedly created the super-smart-with-touch-and-apps-galore phone. They practically invented it out of whole cloth. It wasn’t just one novel concept, but several and then bringing them together so cohesively that you almost can’t imagine it any other way.

No, I don’t see Android surpassing Apple for a while yet, if ever. Apple’s not playing catchup… they’ve been leading the charge all along. I still think that Apple’s got more tricks up its sleeves.

The competition is a good thing. But no one’s going to topple Apple until they come up with their very own new & shiny concept for Apple to try and follow.

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What draws people to the iPhone is that before you even turn it on you can see how elegant it is, but the Droid is very angular and not too attractive. The software might be better but the hardware needs some work. Personally, I like the Eris (Verizon Android phone being released tomorrow) a lot better.

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@robmandu I agree and even if the Droid could eventually match the iPhone, Apple will debut the next generation with even more amazing features.

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I just used my New Every Two to get a Blackberry Tour last month. Maybe I’m bitter.

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@pdworkin I just used my New Every Two to get the enV3… now regretting that decision.

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Jinx @erichw1504, you owe me a Coke.

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@pdworkin Jinx? No, I knew you already said what you said because I did an @ at you. So jinx on you and you owe me a Droid.

Wow, lots of double words in that one… one

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psst…you are @ the wrong person…

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@erichw1504 I haven’t been @robmandu for weeks!

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suminbytch! I change it, sorry.

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anyone else creeped out by @pdworkin right now?

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I don’t think it has a chance. The iPhone is only at the beginning and there are rumors that the 4G iPhone is on the way! The potential of the iPhone is enormous!

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Why is Verizon naming a phone after the goddess of discord? Do they think “she” is going to make that much of a wave? Will we have a Helen, and a Hera, an Aphrodite and Athena, too? :D

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I just got one, I have owned about 15 different smartphones over the last few years. So far this phone seems good! The reception is better than my HTC Touch Pro. The form factor of it is a bit odd compared to the Touch Pro. Im still trying to get adjusted to the new keyboard. I got it connected to my exchange server in about 2 min right out of the box.

I cant comment on the Iphone, I didnt want to go back to AT&T to get one.

So far, I like it alot more than the Touch Pro.

I think that if Android can get its app store up to the same level as Apple’s they will give them a run for there money.

Apple to me is an odd company, they have made some fantastic and innovatve products but seem at some point to drop the ball and let the rest of the segment overtake them. I mean look at the original mac, in comparison to a similar (price point)PC at the time, the mac was a better machine, easier to use, faster, more stable, but over time they stopped innovating and got overtaken ( I know this is a simplifed history).

I also think that Android has an advantage with multple hardware platforms across a couple of carriers.

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Apple is so well known for its aesthetically pleasing, intuitive technological contraptions that any other device competing with it is going to have a lot of trouble surpassing it. I mean, sure there’s the Zune and such, but how many people own one of those instead of a fancy iPod? Especially when it syncs so nicely with iTunes? All their products seem to work together so nicely. These past few years Apple has had a huge head start on a lot of things, starting with the iPod.

The Droid might be a better phone in ways (I haven’t used either, so I can’t say for sure) but the fact that it’s just not Apple will make it hard to compete. The iPod definitely has its quirks (I get SO frustrated with mine at times) but I’m certainly not going to return it and get a different mp3 player.

There’s this great Onion News video about a fictional Mac laptop. While the whole video is a farce, there’s this one quote that seems to actually be not far from the truth for many: “I’ll buy almost anything that’s shiny and made by Apple.”

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Contrary to what some people on this thread seem to think, the iPhone is not immune to competition. The Droid gives the iPhone a run for it’s money, big time. Just remember this: Android is only a few years old, how long has the iPhone been around? Be scared Apple…be very scared.

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I’m not a fan of the iPhone. Maybe my fingers are too big, but I can’t type on the damn thing. And though I don’t hate ATT as much as others, I’m not fond of them either.

The Droid is a beautiful phone, probably what the Tmobile G1 should have been. From what I understand, the Droid has a few minor flaws, but those are expected to be fixed with software updates. If not, there will surely be another Android phone in the next 6–12 months that will match the iPhone feature-for-feature… and win.

Still, being on Verizon and having a physical keyboard, the Droid has me salivating. If I was employed, I’d run out and get one now.

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@drdoombot Unfortunately, the keyboard is getting horrible reviews.

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nope, there is a new ‘iphone’ killer released on a monthly basis, some get more press then others but in the end fall into obscurity.. (remember the pre, or G1, or slide, or bold, or voyager)

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Hahaha, no. Apple has a cult like following that no company can compete with. My iphone might not be cutting edge, but the next one will be, and it will still have a better design and user interface. (ooh, tech terms.)

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These are not the droids you are looking for.

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Ahaha of course not! You know it doesn’t always have to be one or the other. I’m sure the ANDROID phones will play a big part in future smart phones.

I still don’t understand why they need to make a billion versions of the same phone. Why don’t they just focus on one good phone. Palm is starting to learn.

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Probably not this incarnation of the Droid.

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Maybe, if not this Droid phone perhaps another company will use the Android 2.0 os. At least Apple has some competition now.

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Truthfully I think the IPhone is still better in terms of technology but the droid is cooler.

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Who cares? Is that the point? I hope the Droid and the iPhone continue to stimulate one another to produce ever more beautiful design and increasing utility. I particularly hope that one or both of the two will chose not to leave blind people behind, as so often happens when technology advances.

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@pdworkin, there’s an app for that.

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I’ll believe it when I see my friends using it.

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Droid Apps are on the verge of taking off. Android 2.0 really is a pretty big step above when the launched with the G1. The device manufacturers are lining up behind Android. The real question is whether Android will dethrone the iPhone OS. The Droid is just the first step – there’s no reason why there can’t be many more like it in 2010. As a collective they will certainly dethrone the iPhone in terms of marketshare (though probably not in terms of margins or profits).

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@boldstart Welcome to fluther. Lurve.

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Dethrone iPhone? Heh.

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@CodePinko I meant to do that.

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There is plenty of room in the marketplace for different iterations of a smartphone. iPhone was the category builder, so it will always have strength, but some technically sophisticated people understand its shortcomings and will support the Droid and perhaps other solutions, some of which we haven’t seen yet.

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It apparently has begun to. I guess people are sick of dropped calls and prefer phones with a good transmitter instead of a sub-par craptacular one like the iPhone has. Or maybe they are just sick of AT&T. Or maybe Android OS has matured enough to be viable and has been around long enough to be noticed.

Regardless, Droids are growing fast and have already overtaken the iPhone in some markets.

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