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Which TV to choose?

Asked by Kade13 (185points) December 8th, 2009

I’m currently in trying to choose a good LCD 1080p 32” TV for under £400. I have found a few good sets, the two current favourites are Toshiba Regza 32RV635DB which has gotten very good reviews despite its low price tag (currently £350) and the LG 32LH3000 (priced at £370) which appears on paper to have the better spec but not many full reviews on how it performs.

Which set do you think i should choose, my main usage will be for movies / as an external monitor for my laptop and possibly for some gaming. Also if you have any better suggestions then please feel free to chip in with your suggestions.

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Go to a store where you can see them side by side. The differences may be astounding. I’ve spent hours comparing them, and I’ve found Samsung to be the best, followed by Sony, then Panasonic. Look at how well each maintains clarity and detail in the shadows, while giving you a rich black. You may find that some are too low contrast and flat, while others are too high contrast, with blown-out details due to over-sharpness. Also look at any artifacts that may follow images that move quickly. A TV with a 120Hz refresh rate will be better for high-action video.

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There is another contender i first left of due to it not being under £400 but i figure its not over by so much as to eliminate it completely. The Samsung LE32B550A5 which boasts 24p technology which i suppose is there to eliminate the need for conversion before the image is displayed as its simply displayed at its native frame rate. Can’t find any information as to whether this is in the other two sets or if this would make a huge difference.

Can anyone explain the details of the 24p technology?

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If you want a decent tv, in my experience get a samsung or a sony! :)

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Agreed with the above, and a couple other things to add. I have both a Toshiba Regza, and an LG, both 1080p TVs. In my opinion, the Toshiba has the nicer, smoother picture. That’s my bigger TV. The LG is nice for what it is, but I like the Toshiba picture better. All that said, when you get down to a 32” size, 1080p isn’t nearly as important, and you can end up paying a premium for resolution that you really can’t see…so as was said by simpleD, check them out at a store…720p might be just as good looking to your eye as 1080p at the 32” size, and you could save a few bucks.

All that said, in deferance to pjanaway, I have a Sony as well, and it has a pretty spectacular picture. Good luck!

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Make sure it is 120hz (hertz)

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