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How do I download videos from MySpace?

Asked by TinaK (17points) December 10th, 2009

Can someone tell me how could I download some videos from myspace? Also, if possible, I’d like to have something which can also keep the files’ names…

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Thanks, the links you gave gave me helped me, but I regrettably say that the videos I’ve downloaded with this firefox extension have an awful quality, they have a vertical green line. Dunno why that happened. Anyway, I kept searching and tried some softs which can also convert the files and what I liked best is AudialsOne, it downloaded the videos cu good quality and also it automatically converted my files into the formats I need. So, I don’t need to use two different ways for having the files how I like. If anyone could be interested in it, should take a look here, it’s worthing:

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@TinaK: Great info! Thanks!

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hmmm, this audialsone can also record music from myspace? In that tutorial is shown it does. Great!!! I have many songs in my playlists and I’ll try to download my music on my pc. I also saw that it can download videos from many portals, such as hulu, youtube, netflix, blockbuster and many other streaming online movies sites… As far as I concern, myspace music can be downloaded only by sound card recording and there is also a tutorial about that. I saw also that it converts audio and video files to avi, wmw, mp3 even 3gp and many others….Nice!!!

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