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Can a relationship of 2 years that has taken 2 breaks and has recently broken up but gotten back together 2 weeks later really last, and why do couples do this?

Asked by shortstuff224488 (4points) December 10th, 2009

Guys friend and girlfriend have dated for two years. They have take two breaks and recently broke up but got back together 2 weeks later. She is the one always asking for breaks. Can relationships like this really last for good, and why do couples do this. They are 20 and18 yrs old. he is in college and she is a homeschooled girl in his hometown 2 hrs away; she is his first love but third girlfriend.

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I would say not enough information about why they break up, if they were 23 or older. At 18 & 20, human brains are still developing and commitment to a life long relationship isn’t really available until 23–24 or so. (Which is not to say that people can’t spend the years from 18–24 being with each other anyway.)

In general though, I would say sure it could “really last”, and might even be a healthy sign, and also consider that not all relationships are meant to last and that doesn’t necessarily make them bad things either.

Sometimes the attachment to the relationship is what is in the way of loving each other, and completing the old relationship and reinventing a new one can do wonders.

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At the age they both are, they are in very different places in their lives. Home schooled kids are more socially immature than other kids.

Also, both of them are going to be changing enormously in the next couple of years. It is unlikely their relationship will survive.

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It will work out perfectly. I’m for relationships that are constantly disconnecting and suddenly work without a logical reason.

It is like my old router..

I bought a new router..

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NOOooooo!!!! You ruined it! It was supposed to stay with only 2 responses!!!

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I have to concur with @Marina. It is unlikely that it will survive. Some relationships end because of circumstance and timing.

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LOL Crap!

I did that for 20 years.

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If you two truly love one another then it will survive.

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Seriously, it’s not me, this question really is about my guy friend and his girlfriend, honestly

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