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What is an appropriate place to publish an open letter to a public website?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16538points) December 11th, 2009

I wish to write an open letter to an organisation that has posted information I dispute on its public website. Without setting up a site of my own, what is a good way I can make my response both readily available to the general public and get the attention of the organisation?

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First try to work with the organization by going to the board members. You could send a letter to each of them, See if you can work something out if it involves you. If not it is a free country and no one is obligated to run their org to please you and they will be well aware of this. See if there is some way you can approach them in a non confrontational way. If they have slammed you or hurt people find out where they get the most hits from and post there or get some friends together and video your response and put on UTube…If it is a journal situation post an online rebuttal.

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Try this website, very good to publish an open letter→

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I agree with @empower‘s suggestion to start with writing a letter to each of the board members. That’s a sure-fire way to make sure that your concerns will be discussed at the next board meeting.

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@empower I should be a little more clear. The organisation exists to promote a certain point of view. I disagree with what they have written, and wish to write a rebuttal. It does not directly affect me or anyone I know, but I want to give a comprehensive rebuttal so people are not mislead by their propaganda. I guess it is a journal type situation. Normally I would take up issues with the person or organisation directly, but I would like our discussions to be visible to the public. The organisation also states in its feedback section that any submissions become their property, and I do not wish them to have legal rights to what I write.

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Could you copyright it first and then quote your self after a couple of lines with used by permission? This way property would be already established. If you do want it discussed with the board it is best that your correspondence gets to them just a couple of weeks before the next meeting so it is fresh in their minds

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@empower That is possible, I’ll have a think about my options.

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