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Can I unplug all computer/gadgets from wall while room is painted?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) February 24th, 2008

I have a split phone jack (for dial-up), a phone modem, a 10 year old printer (HP dj 845c) originally installed on OS 9, surge protector, mouse and keyboard..all purring alone beautifully in sync w. iMac 10.4.11. Should I have the painters simply skip the one wall where the whole shebang is set up? Very little wall showing so not a big deal.

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Hi Gail! Sounds like a fun project. It should be no problem to disconnect all the wires and pull away-shut down computer and power down printer first. If it’s just a couple of plugs (the surge protector, the phone jack) that are actually connected to the wall, then you can probably disconnect those and pull the whole rat’s nest o’ cables away from the wall. For protection from the painters (and paint), probably best to place in a large box, but if that’s not possible, placing a tarp over the ‘setup’ and garnish with red flags and a couple of those highway safety flares should get their attention! Paint on cabling and/or equipment’s a drag-Good luck!

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Just make sure to move all of your things into a different room, so that you can still log in to fluther. ;)

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@andrew-phew! Good looking out there :) We almost lost her!!!

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Hmm. Maybe I will have these guys skip this particular wall. One of my toilets just clogged up and I have been wrestling w. plunger and snake unsuccessfully. And tomorrow I haul my 93 yr old mom to the Oncologist – if the driveway doesn’t freeze.

Jon; thanks for sensible suggestions. Andrew; thanks for vote of confidence.

So I hope that it is à bientôt and not adieu.

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Solution: Painters just unclogged the toilet; and we have decided to enshroud (enswathe?) the entire Rube Goldberg setup and not paint the wall behind it.

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Good solution, Gail! Fluther would wither and die if something bad happened and we couldn’t get you back right away!

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Perhaps get them to leave extra paint for you, and paint behind there the next time you have insomnia?

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