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What is the best LEGAL way for a 13 year old to make money?

Asked by udontknowme (58points) December 12th, 2009

I’m 13 I’m sure you all remember how at that age you just wanted to buy everything in the world, well right now that’s where I’m at, so I’m looking for stuff to sell but I’d rather just earn it.

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There’s really not much you can do, except the usual things like chores, raking leaves, shoveling driveways etc.

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Paper routes, mowing other peoples lawns, shoveling snow from others sidewalks, washing cars. Those are the first ones that came to mind!

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Babysitting, shoveling snow… lemonade stands.

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I’m from the south part of texas so, the shoveling snow isn’t really an option…......

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I helped people with yardwork. Where I live now I am happy to pay a hardworking person for help with chores, especially after a big snowstorm. I also had a paper route, but I don’t know if those exist any more.

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Paper route for sure and maybe mowing lawns and bottle/can collecting? Good luck

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Allowance?? Or a paper route. They don’t let 13 year olds do much else.

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Babysitting. I got $50 one day because I stayed with the kids all day. It was amazing. Put up posters on power poles. And at church, hand out flyers if you go. Take a babysitting class (one that certifies CPR) and people will be more convinced that their kids are in good hands.

PS: I’m 13 btw so don’t think I’m somebody way older than you.

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You can try babysitting, mowing yards, raking leaves. You can make craft-projects and sell them. You can walk dogs.

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I was a golf caddy at twelve

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Catch rattlesnakes and sell them.

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Doing newspaper rounds, or doing jobs for people (gardening, cleaning, etc).

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definetely babysitting! put up some flyers around town or pu an add online.

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My cousin used to clean up at a gas station a couple hours each evening, when he was 13 thru 15 . He moped the floors, swept up around the place, and even cleaned the bathrooms. He got paid very well as he always had more money than the rest of us .

You might make up flyers and pass them out calling yourself “Helping Hands” and stating that you’ll do chores, run to the store, yard work , etc .. for your neighbors… Good Luck !

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@mclaugh – That can get dangerous (ads online).

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babby or animal sitting.

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Cut grass, shovel snow, rake leaves, babysitting, paper route and dog walking.

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@ChocolateReigns well, of course you have to be smart about it! that’s how i got my nannying job 2 years ago. there are some very, very safe websites for babysitters and nannies to use.

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If you are at all inclined in this direction, you could learn how to make balloon animals ( not really that hard) and if you are artistic, do a little face painting ( plenty of books on the market for tips) and be an entertainer at kid’s parties.

This will only be workable if you like dealing with kids.

But experienced performers can get $100–150 an hour.

I know Texas is a big state, but a good resource for books and supplies would be T. Myers Magic. Tom is a really nice guy and very experienced. Fabulous balloon guy. I can’t do links on the iPhone, but just pop him into Google and take a look at his website.

Hopefully you are nearby.

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Babysit. But at age 13, don’t try to get your jobs online. Start with people you or your parents know pretty well, and move on to their friends if you can. Make sure you have a safe and sober ride each way, and that your parents know exactly where you will be and when you’ll be home.

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Paper round would proberly be the most appropriate.


Busking – as long as they can play/sing/dance well and have permission of the shop that they are busking outside of.

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house sit (feed and play with pets) for neighbors when they are away.

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If you have old stuff you don’t use or need anymore, there is always eBay.

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@sweetteaindahouse You have to be 18 to have a credit card to use ebay.

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@King_of_Sexytown You do. But if you get your parents to set up an account for them. They can then sale stuff for you and just give you the money. Please tell me that nobody has ever done that before.

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@sweetteaindahouse I have never heard that about ebay. I used to be an ebay junkie before they made that rule about only credit cards and paypal are allowed. I refuse to even own a credit card.

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Ask your parents, family and neighbors for work they are willing to pay for. Make things to sell, and go to craft sales and fairs.

Find some candy or stationary on sale for half price, then sell it to other people for full price.

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I would say babysitting.

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It’s the illegal ways that hurt. Anything wrong with a paper route, working in the parents business or chores?

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