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What are good shoes to wear in the winter?

Asked by keithold (735points) December 12th, 2009

Especially in ice, snow or rain.

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hey keithold good to see you here! the shoes i like to wear are my timberland pro series work boots

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My favorites are from LL Bean, both for men and women. They have all kinds of styles, for any sort of climate. And they last forever.

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Hey there keithold!!!

Personally, I prefer to wear sneakers in winter. Occasionally I’ll wear boots (usually if it’s wet outside).

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I also prefer boots in bad weather: rubber or leather, depending on the occasion.

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@PandoraBoxx LL Bean makes great fur-lined rain boots that are the warmest, driest thing you can wear all winter. I think they’re called Duck Boots.

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Hey Keithold, checking this site out too I see. I wear timberland work boots in the winter.

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I just bought these and I love them. My feet stay cold during winter but these are fur lined. They also are good in rain and snow.

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I have a pair of The North Face boots that I wear for about six months out of the year. They’re thinsulated, waterproof and quick-laced. I loves them so


My shiny men’s dress shoes, but with rubber galoshes over them to protect them from the snow and prevent me from slipping on my back. Lol.

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fashion uggs
[edit] because I found better boots.

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It’s all about the Doc Martens. Palladiums are great, too.

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Outdoors: Hunter boots, LL Bean duck boots. Sorel boots for extreme conditions.
Indoors: LL Bean hand-sewn mocaissins

Tretorn makes some great shoe/boot hybrids for wet conditions.

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something water-proof, so your tootsies stay dry and something lined with wool so the tootsies stay warm :)

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These work good for me. They are warm, not necessarily waterproof, but they are tough, and very well made.

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I still wear my arctic-issue “Mickey Mouse” boots. If it’s muddy I wear my L.L.Bean rubber- bottoms.

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