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How do you know when it's real love and not deep like or lust?

Asked by TLRobinson (2365points) December 13th, 2009 from iPhone
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Love endures when the body does not.

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From my experience, only time will tell. If both partners continue to have the same feelings for each other, that is great. But sometimes, one or the other loses interest. Also, if one of the parties experiences a tragedy and the other stands with them and supports them through it, this would be an indication that it is a deeper love.

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..if i knew the true answer, and could bottle it, i’d be a millionaire lol .. i totally agree with KitKat, only time will tell .. :O)

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Only with time do you know if its love or merely a crush.

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If you’re constantly thinking about ways to make him/her happy, it’s love.

If you’re constantly thinking about ways to make him/her happy so you can get their pants off, it’s lust.

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For me it’s that point of complete trust. You feel like it’s no longer “me against the world” but it becomes “we against the world”. A real comfort with each other.

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When they are more important than yourself

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@FrickenFlutherer…totally agree with that actually.. :O)

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* When you start to believe in life with that person rather than incrimental distraction/passion.

* You think of ways to soothe, ease, aid, strengthen and boone that person.

* If you didn’t think they were irresistible at the onset, they seem to be rolled in crack dust now when you look at them or you hold each other.

* You admit fears, shortcomings, obstacles and work through them together instead of keeping them hidden or acting like they don’t exist. You accept help and feel “all in” for a partnership rather than “seeing where it leads”.

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I borrowed this from a publication by Planned Parenthood titled
The Facts of Life- A Guide for Teens and Their Families: Love or Infatuation checklist

Are you in love? Or just infatuated?

You know your partner very well. true/false
You love the idea of being in love. true/false

You are good friends. true/false
You are focused on the sexual part of the relationship. true/false

You trust each other. true/false
You find yourself always giving or always getting. true/false

You both are interested in giving as well as receiving. true/false
You rely on your partner for your happpiness. true/false

You have time for others, such as family and friends. true/false
You are jealous when your partner is away from you. true/false

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