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Why don't we make other holidays as big a deal as we do Christmas?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2419points) December 13th, 2009

I mean aside from (maybe) 4th of July or Halloween other holidays come and go. What would happen if we had entire radio stations just playing Easter music? How come St. Patrick’s day doesn’t have parades and such deep rooted traditions? There seem to be only a few holidays that we go overboard with, Christmas definately being one.

I’m not saying I don’t like the holiday, I love when I can play xmas music—and study for finals for days on end- but I don’t even get the day off of classes for veteran’s day.

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Santa Claus would be pissed.

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Because we don’t buy $3000 tv’s for Easter.

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@gemiwing – Don’t need it to be Christmas time to buy a tv. lol :)

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Christmas is the biggest commercial holiday, but the 4th of July and Halloween are the most fun!

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I don’t think I could afford to celebrate another holiday quite like Christmas.

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@pjanaway true but then there’s the iPod for each of your kids, dad’s TomTom, mom’s Jaaaaared ring, stocking stuffers, presents for that one guy at the office. It blows my mind sometimes. Blows it into a million teeny pieces. Look, there goes one now

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Not all holidays are associated with a weather change either… Perhaps that helps make it more significant… were it to be hailing or there was a typhoon every single Easter.. we would probably be more rowdy about it. That, and it’s not tradition to give gifts on most of those holidays… people like getting and giving gifts… of course they will celebrate a holiday that supports that more than another.

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You haven’t been to Chicago during St. Patrick’s Day, have you. :)

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@gradyjones – I think many people would agree with that
@NaturalMineralWater – the weather is different throughout the year though, for easter flowers are just coming up, for halloween the trees go to sleep, and for new years there’s snow too.
@jonsblond guess not

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@jonsblond Actually I have.. it was a blast.. but I still wouldn’t put it on par with Christmas.

It was pretty awesome.. that green river… so strange… all those drunken people.. it was more like an average night in New Orleans. Chicago is one of my favorite cities that I’ve been to.. so even I have a bias with this one.. XD Is that Harry Carrey restaurant/bar still downtown?

@sevenfourteen Of course there is weather on those other days… gah… why try arguing the point anymore… it was just a thought..

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Weathers not really a factor for any holiday, its not cold and snowing for everyone at Christmas time for example, some countrys Christmas is during their summertime when its boiling hot beach weather!

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Hah- Hubbs just said “Some presents are just so big you need a tree to put them under; they won’t fit in a basket”. Perhaps it’s our love of trees then?

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Ok… *#$% me sideways… lol…. i guess it’s not the weather… can me move on? LOL

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I don’t know why you guys do, but Halloween is my biggest holiday.
Our Christmas spirit this year? A picture of a tree cut out of a magazine and taped to the wall.
Our Halloween spirit only because I did the decorating..? Yeah. It made little kids cry, so my mom had to set up two candy stations.
Also. My town has a St. Patrick’s Day parade and every glass of beer gets turned green on that day.

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@NaturalMineralWater – I’m just trying to figure out what’s so special about Christmas and not about other holidays. I had the same thought about maybe cause it’s the mark of winter but then decided against it for reasons I just shared. I’ve also ruled out religous affilation because my little sister thinks the easter bunny is the point of easter… come to think of it, where’d we even get the egg idea? I’ve also ruled out because Christmas has Santa because we have the easter bunny, a leprechaun, jason and micheal and other huge holiday symbols

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Some of us kinda do, Easter is a big deal in our family. We give chocolate eggs, Cards, have a big family meal, paint boiled eggs, roll them down mountains etc.
And Halloween, my goodness, you should see the efforts made around here for that.
4th of July is just another day here as we dont celebrate it, We have a lot of Irish around here though so St Patricks day is also a biggie. Green beer flowing etc.
I think Christmas will always be the more Traditionally big event though, religion aside, it’s ingrained from Childhood isnt it?
New year – nearly forgot about that. Auld Lang Syne Came from Scotland remember lol

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Thanksgiving is always my favorite, and has been since I outgrew the “what’d I get for Christmas?” envy early in my teen years.

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Because we get to fake how religious we are and buy ourselves tons of expensive shit we don’t need.
I, myself, hate Christmas.

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Cos it isn’t typical to give gifts for most others and that’s all Christmas is to anyone anymore. Commercialism.

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Christmas was chosen by natural selection to contain all of the epicness of holidayness of all the holidays combined and more.

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natural selection…lol.

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Christmas (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) is near the winter solstice, and the winter when most of the Agrarian based society that evolved Christmas as it is today. Farmers are out of the fields and purses are fat from harvest. And the clock starts for Easter, #2 of the biggies when the fields would be just planted. The early Church adopted existing Pagan holidays and adopted them to celebrate the Birth and Resurrection of the Christus.

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Good point! Let us focus all our energy into celebrating Whitsun! Might even find a couple of people here with a little bit of wit

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after christians stole the pagan holiday along with its rituals and ideas , and bits and pieces from other countries and called it theirs , they had to keep up the show to overshadow all the celebrations going on that they stole from . and it caught on , being fed by greed every year ;-)

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@The_Anonymous_Witch haha, love it. So true. But c’mon isn’t that the American way of life??? Greed, money and power… oh and stealing other people’s resources.

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@sevenfourteen lol . glad im canadian and a non christian .
dam i look good ;-)

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