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is there a way to keep withheld and blocked number calls from coming through on my iPhone?

Asked by xcourtneyxcupcakesx (58points) February 25th, 2008 from iPhone

you know its never anyone worth talking too. And I can’t just turn off my phone. I use it as an alarm.

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As far as I know, there is no way to block those calls, but you should make sure your number is on the national “do not call” registry.

Also, you can put the phone in silent (vibrate) mode and the alarm will still play. This is what I do every night when I go to bed, and it always wakes me up in the morning.

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i’m not sure if this is worth it, but this would definitely block unwanted calls

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the do not call thing is a good suggestion, but the blocked numbers I’m getting are stupid Kids trying to do a prank phone call and I have a feeling they don’t consult that list before they call

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In that case, I’d get a new phone number and be very choosy who I give it out to.

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