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What is one Christmas song that you just can't stand to listen to?

Asked by ClubJenna (346points) December 14th, 2009

What is one Christmas song that hurts your ears and annoys you to even hear one bit of it? Is it a popular one, or just popular around where you live?

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Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.

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Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

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Mariah Carey singing all i want for xmas is you – Ewww!

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Only one? Tough question

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“Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time”. Not sure who sings it. When I hear that thing come on the radio, I turn it off.

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Anything that comes out of Celine Dion’s mouth.

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By the time Christmas actually rolls around, I am beginning to get a little sick of all of them.

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All of them!

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@gemiwing wins, nobody is gonna top that!

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Oh, Paul. Why?

Why, why, why did you write that heinous Wonderful Christmastime?

I’ll hear it in the shops and I will walk out, suddenly wanting to club baby seals, that’s how much I hate that song. I hate it with the fire of a googolplex of Rudolph red noses, and I’m not going to link to any version of it.

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@jbfletcherfan aww buttered biscuits! now I’m humming the damn thing

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“I’ll be Home for Christmas”. Doesn’t matter who sings it. I worked on a Christmas song and dance show at a theme park for two years. That was the centerpiece song. I die a little inside every time I hear it.

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“12 Days of Christmas”! Who wants a partridge in a pear tree or six geese a laying, 3 french hens or two turtle doves? It’s just TOO ridiculous!

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The Nutcracker.

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@gemiwing Agreed! Anything that comes out of Celine Dion’s mouth (With the exception of Titanic’s theme…maybe) sounds really horrible to me.

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Any song that the Chipmunks sing.

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Any song with that childish voice… just gives me the creeps and somehow reminds of child labor…

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Any Jessica Simpson Christmas song.

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@erichw1504 Eww, both sound terrible.

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@erichw1504 oh yeah the Jessica Simpson song…but I don’t think the Chipmunks are tooo bad.. :)

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“Jingle Bells” by The Singing Dogs

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theres not many i do like to be honest – they play the same old ones every year ewww!! i would much rather listen to christmas carols

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I agree with @YCLYHO. I wish Mariah would just SHUT UP!

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Oh, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. Not the original version, which was “meh” as comedy, anyway, but tolerable. No, the one I hate is the re-recorded version that was more slick and produced. Even the narrator’s voice was more knowing and commercial-fake. I can’t explain it, but I don’t like it at all.

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The barking dogs. ughhh!

edit:: I just noticed @erichw1504 has the same answer. That song is terrible, isn’t it!

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I hate santa baby. A LOT.

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@aprilsimnel Yes, that’s the one! Ugh!!!

@gemiwing Sorry. LOLLL Why is it that the songs we DON’T like stick in our heads?

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Many Christmas songs qualify as their own level of Hell. But as @Millenium_TheMysteriousM stated, it can be scientifically proven that the “12 Days of Christmas” is the most obnoxious and odious combination of repetitive nonsense and insipid tune that has ever been composed for celebration purposes.

It’s the seasonal equivalent of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” sung to the tune of “It’s a Small World”.

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@HasntBeen @Millenium_TheMysteriousM Did you see last week’s episode of the American version of The Office?

I second @deni Santa Baby bothers me on so many levels.

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Oh, there are many. To start with I really dislike This Christmas. And I absolutely hate Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. Ahhhhhhhhh!
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree is another annoying one.
(although I do kind of chuckle a bit when Brenda Lee sings, “Later we’ll have some pumpkin pie…” because to me it sounds like she’s saying, “Later we’ll have some fuckin’ pie.”)

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@AstroChuck LOLLLLLLLL…you’re too damn funny.

If you want to hear THE rendition of All I Want for Christmas is You, pull up the one by Vince Vance & the Valients. It’s great. Lisa Lane sings it. I think they originated from Dallas. It’s very popular down there.

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There is absolutely no reason for this peice of crap

Christmas in San Francisco
What a lovely place to be
Seeing the hills being all lit up
Like a diamond Christmas tree
Hearing children singing carols
People come from everywhere
To sing along with the children
Standing all around Union Square

Christmas in San Francisco
Looking like some fairy land
People with gifts in the crispy air
Giving old Saint Nick a hand

Let’s take a peek in Chinatown
Eating lychee nuts and barbecued boar
What can you say about the Golden Gate
That hasn’t been said before

Christmas in San Francisco
There is no place quite so dear
It’s the closest thing to heaven
How I wish that you were here.

What can you say about the Golden Gate
That hasn’t been said before
Christmas in San Francisco
There is no place quite so dear
It’s the closest thing to heaven
How I wish that you were here.

Nobody is singing in Union Square, it’s too cold and damp .And if you stand around you’re likely to get run over by crazed shoppers. Is SF a diamond tree or a fairy land and fairy land may be taken as a slur. Chinatown-lychee nuts and boar. Quite a reach for a rhyme. In this song they should have gobe for Peking duck..

What can you say about the Golden Gate that hasn’t been said before? Nothing that is in this coma inducing piece of schmaltz. ARRGHHH

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@galileogirl – you failed to provide the name of the tune so we can add it to our Air Supply Classic Rock folder on iPod.

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I can’t believe no one has put “Christmas Shoes” yet, that song is so stupid.

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@J0E is that the one about the kid that wants to buy his mom a pair of shoes? and she’s dying? or something?

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@HasntBeen Christmas in San Francisco

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@deni Yeah, it’s an incredibly sad song.

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@J0E – I was just about to add that one!

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Oh, I don’t do sad songs. The one where 3 people come to the door of the guy who’s going to kill himself & it was Jesus…nope. Won’t listen to that one.

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i dont like sad christmas songs either, agreed

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oh my god. i have a christmas station on the tv playing (lol) and santa baby just came on. i’ve just been reminded how fucking awful this song is. “santa cutie” l;aksdj;fljreowijrsldkjfs

so this song is essentially about some dumb hoe thats a gold digger and wants money from santa. SERIOUSLY? WHY DOES ANYONE LIKE THIS?????

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Now my Air Supply collection is finally complete!

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Barbara Streisands Jingle Bells…where she sings really fast…........................

And any sad shit about people dying

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Just about anything related to Christmas and not written by J.S.Bach or Handel. :^P

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cliff richard….makes me wish i was deaf

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So many terrible ones already mentioned!

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Wonderful Christmas Time
Chipmonk song
The singing dogs…

Does no one remember All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth ?

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“Last Christmas” can’t stand it. I did give my heart to someone at christmas last year and it was awful, he cheated on me about four months later.

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@dogkittycat I agree, let’s take a look at the lyrics shall we?

Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year to save me from tears
I’ll give it to someone special

I don’t get it. Why didn’t she give it to someone special last year? Basically it seems like last year she just gave to some schlub…oh but this year, she’s gonna give it to someone special. Does she just go around giving her heart out to anyone?

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I think when George Michael was in Wham!, to not have to think about the lie he was living or the screaming teenage girls, he was on drugs. Lots of them. You see that dancing in Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go? Yeah, m’lud, I rest my case.

So when he wrote songs, he wrote crap like Last Christmas.

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@dogkittycat : I think she’s basically saying her standards are going up this year. Sort of a pre-New Year’s resolution. “Yes, I fell for crap last year, but this year I’m double-dog-determined not to do it again!!”. she probably used more exclamation points, that was just an example

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@J0E – YES! I despise that one!!!

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“I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas.”
I heard that the other day and I almost went crazy.

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@monocle the voice of the…PERSON singing that song makes me hurl as well

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@deni My point exactly. All I hear is that voice, and hippopotamus. Not a good combination. =P

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@monocle ditto yo. now on the other hand, the correct way to do a christmas song and incorporate a large animal is “dominick the christmas donkey” I LOVE THAT SONG

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@deni Agreed. Now there’s a donkey with some pizazz.

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