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What is a "Friend of the Court" brief?

Asked by HungryGuy (15979points) December 14th, 2009

What is a “Friend of the Court” brief? How do you write one? And whom do you send it to (the judge, the court clerk, the prosecutor, the defense, or all of the above)?

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I think this is the answer you’re looking for…
You file them to the court, usually with consent of all parties involved. YMMV as per the court you are looking to file with…

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Thanks for the link! That answers the question pretty well. Is there an example of one anywhere?

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The Google Books lawsuit has a number of them before the court. If you go to The Public Index, Ctrl+F for “amicus” and read some samples. As a bonus, they’re about a really interesting lawsuit.

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A brief submitted to the court by one who is not a party to an action but has a strong interest in the outcome. It is actually called an amicus brief.

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