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After having been subpoenaed to testify in court, how can I get this changed to a deposition?

Asked by bobbinhood (5894points) March 31st, 2011

In January of this year, I witnessed a motorcycle accident. I have now been subpoenaed by the city to testify in traffic court on May 24 on the East Coast of the U.S. However, I am moving to the West Coast on May 10, and I’m getting married there on May 25. I can’t be out East for the court date. What steps do I need to take in order to be permitted to give a deposition rather than appear in court? There are no attorneys listed on the subpoena.

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If the city subpoenaed you, look up the city prosecutor’s telephone number for the city where the accident took place. Call and explain the situation and see if you can give a deposition.

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Who ever issued the subpoena, you need to reach them. Sometimes it is the clerk of courts office, but there will be the name of court and perhaps even a judges name on the subpoena? You need to contact them. This is part of a clerk’s job to communicate these kinds of things.

Do it as soon as possible. They usually have a very busy schedule.

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Thanks, guys. I’ll get on this later this afternoon.

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FWIW..I was a defendant in a similar case (a motorcyclist hit my car – we had the same insurance company so when they investigated and found him at fault, they dropped him…so he sued ME) and I was able to get out of attending the trial on the second go-round (he appealed the first verdict) because I’d moved to another country. Courts do take cross-country (or int’l) moves and personal conflicts with trial dates into account.

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Call the District Attorney in the city the accident occured. Explain your situation and ask to have a deposition taken over the phone, under oath. The DA may have to fax your deposition to you to sign and fax back to him/her.

This can be done.

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