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Are you a citizen of the world?

Asked by Zen_Again (9931points) December 14th, 2009

Oh yeah – in what way? How do you distinguish yourself from, say, just an American or Australian?

Do you know and familiarize yourself with cultures (and maybe even languages) from around the world?

Would you be a good diplomat?

Would you be a good diplomat on another planet, or on the welcoming committee to citizens of another world?



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I try and keep an open mind, tolerate and learn of differing perspectives, beliefs and cultures.

I mostly fail, therefore I must fit in just fine. >_>

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@thriftymaid Thank you for your exciting contribution to this thread and insight into your mind and how it works.

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I have traveled extensively and loved learning and respecting new cultures even the majorly different (i.e Turkey). I don’t understand people who never leave their home state/country and only bother understanding their own culture. In each of the 24 or so countries i’ve been to i like to try and say a few words in their language, it is fun and they appreciated it.

LOL @Zen_Again

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Much more than that. Just my mini-bio and you’ll see.

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I haven’t traveled extensively, but I’m really into learning foreign languages and cultural traditions. It’s important to me to understand what another culture’s practices are and why they do things that way. I speak Spanish and some Chinese, and I’ve tried to teach myself a few words here and there of other languages. I’m lucky to be able to practice my Spanish often without leaving the country, because I have a lot of Spanish-speaking friends and coworkers. I really want to start learning French and Arabic as well, because I keep meeting native speakers and I’d like to be able to talk to them in their own language.

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I am a South African citizen, that makes me one of Africa I guess and then ultimately one of the world and universe!

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@Zen_Again . You’re welcome.

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I’m from Canada and aren’t we the essence of diplomacy?? I think I feel of the world first, but I am proud to be Canadian.

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@faye Fellow Canuck here – agreed!

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@faye I wasn’t born in Canada, but I’ve lived here for most of my life and I agree-Canada rules. :)

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I love studying other cultures. I routinely watch shows, read blogs and news in different languages and from different areas of the world. If all I had was America then I would grow bored within a week. It’s a big world and I want to learn about it.

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I should hope so.

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Nah, I’m not a world citizen, though I’ve travelled to many countries. I love the differences.

I agree. Canada is it.

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Well I live in this world so I guess that makes me a citizen thereof. When I travel I always vist the botanical gardens, a couple of art galleries and a museum or two. That tells me about the culture of the country in a way that is enjoyable to me. When I moved to Australia I read through all of the 19th and early 20th century novelists, gave me a great feel for the culture and history of the country without reading history books.

Does that qualify me?

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A citizen of the world… i might be one, as i have three nationalities, have lived in more than 5 different countries, have friends and relatives in nearly every country and travel every summer to someplace new… i speak 3 languages fluently( english, arabic and french) and i understand and can communicate bascily in italian and spanish.
I also think i would be a great diplomat, as i can adapt to any culture and communicate without even needing to talk ( its true by the way, thats how i learnt french, came to france with no knowledge of the language)....

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Yes, everyone is. For some reason people keep forgetting that we are all HUMANS, apart of the same EARTH.

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I agree that everyone is a citizen of the world, in that we’re all human.

But, there are those who don’t think of themselves that way, and that can be a real problem—nationalism is a corrosive disease. Beyond that, of course there are big differences between people in how well they understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures and individuals.

I don’t think we’ll have much world peace until the bulk of the Earth’s population understands this—there is only one kind of humanity.

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I’m a citizen of the galaxy. There are plenty of wonderful exoplanets out there waiting to be discovered.

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Find one that has comprehensible cell phone plans and I’m on the next rocket :)

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@HasntBeen – ga, it would be great to find a phone that simply makes phone calls, hehehe!

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I had one. They made me upgrade because it wouldn’t fit into their tech support department when I needed repairs :)

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That is sad and funny at the same time! But not surprising!

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I miss those old bricks with a keypad and a send button. All I really need.

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Hehe. 2 years ago I bought a new Samsung phone with browser and gps and dog-walker. They talked real fast in the store, and me being just a slow country hick… well, I somehow came away with the notion that web access was included in my service plan.

So I didn’t really need that feature, but I read the news a couple of times, and watched a movie trailer… about 2 minutes long. Next month, I had $151 extra on my phone bill for “data access”!! I guess I could have seen the whole movie about 200,000 times for that.

They finally reversed the charges and turned off the data access after I bitched and moaned and waited on hold several occasions. In hindsight, I wish I was watching the movie on DVD while waiting. Just to make the irony complete.

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