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What you think of Jessie Ventura Conspiracy Theory show which airs on TV?

Asked by BabylonFree (208points) May 19th, 2010

Are you still skeptical even with a lot of evidence provided by him and his think tank? do you trust him whole/half heartedly?

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I think of Jesse Ventura and his show as being sincere, but just that Jesse can only say so much about these topics on TV and still get away with it scott-free. I think the masons allow someone like him to do this kind of show, because they want a bit of credit for their “accomplishments”, but don’t want to be directly talked about and given away to “their people” fully.

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This Q was asked maybe 9 months ago. It’s a curious phenomenon, because it’s all sort of old information for anyone who’s been reading up on this stuff in the last few years. (Another show called “That’s Impossible” also explores similar topics.) In addition, John Perkins, a self described former “economic hitman” and former CIA employee and corporate lackey, is blowing the lid on CIA/corporate suppression of the third world (although he bizarrely maintains Osama did 9/11 and that there’s no grand conspiracy, just a “fraternity of ideas”).

So basically, I think all of these sort of mainstream “confessions” are kind of damage control and redirections of sorts—kind of a way to let some steam out of the kettle. The information is already out there, and this is a way to sort of package it in the least damaging or least revealing way in an attempt to at least keep a significant chunk of the populace appeased by “made for TV” ideology and rationalization. For example, an episode of “That’s Impossible” talks about weather control via chemtrails and HAARP, but characterizes it as something to be used “against enemies” and naturally does nothing to reconcile the possibility of weather control with the global warming narrative.

So, it’s conspiracy-lite, I suppose, for the masses.

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I saw that…very interesting! If it is true, we are in deeper shit than i ever thought!

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jordan maxwell explains it best.

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Great because of the inclusion of June Sarpong.
Oh, and the subject matter.

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