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What name have you given your car?

Asked by scotsbloke (3751points) December 15th, 2009

We tend to name things. Especially our cars.

What name have you given yours and why?
Also, is your car male or female?

Mine is a Toyota Lucida so is called “LUCY” and it’s a GIRL even though it looks quite masculine (could be a ladyboy)

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Piece of Shit.

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Mi Volvo es muy mal.

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Dodge Durango

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Miles- it says so right on the dash.

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It’s a Honda Odyssey, and its name is Homer.

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Dead ladies car, becuase I bought it from a patient who passed away. She was a lot of fun and named it herself!

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When I’m coaxing it into cooperating, Baby.
When my brakes don’t work well, Fucker.
When it takes a year to accelerate, Son of a Bitch.
The rest of the time, Ihateyoufuckingcar.

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Mine’s an Audi A6, but really I don’t call it anything other than “the blue Audi” because my dad’s is “the black Audi” (which he lets me drive sometimes). His is also an A8, so sometimes I refer to mine as the A6. Either way, it doesn’t really have much of a nickname, sorry. :P

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When I bought it, there were “gold” coins scattered all over the floor and a stuffed crab in the rear window. The air freshener matches the hood.

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Ooh, I see the other two car naming questions have been moderated. I answered:

My truck’s name was Arthur Dentless, but now he is Arthur Dent.

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My Cobalt’s name is Cobie, because right after I got it, someone told me that “Cobies are tight!”

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Smurfette. It’s a blue and white Mini Cooper.

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@jerv – Aww matey! I love your CAAARRGH
If it were mine I’d even dress up like Jack sparrow in it!

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Its Big and Purple…. What else could I call it. Barney

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My Ford Escape is Vera. She’s a good car.

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Had a Silver Durango, called him Cowboy. Had a Red Expedition, called him Clifford (big red dog – even had a mini stuffed one on the dash)
Now have an Edge. We call is Creamy – (Creme Brule color)

Sparky’s truck is King (king ranch) Mac’s ranger is Ranger -

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I drive a Trailblazer now that we just call The Blazer. My fist car was a red Chevy Cavalier. It broke down all the time. My friend called it the Hemrroid or the ‘Roid because it was small, red and painful everytime it broke down and he had to look at it for me!

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My Mom used to have a Pontiac Sunbird that was a total piece of shit! We called it The Sunburn.

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@rangerr LMAO again….glad i came to this question!

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In honor of my friend who just sold his car after owning it for 15 years, I am going to name my new (to me) Jetta, Amelia.

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My current car doesn’t have a name but the very first car I had, A white Rover Metro, was called Dolly!

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My ‘62 190d is named Helga, my ‘72 220d is Madeleine. When I finish restoring the ‘49 170d I will name her.

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My dream car (2008 Mustang) would be named Loretta. But I’m stuck with my mom’s crappy Fusion, named Glitter.

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