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What country has the lowest percentage of homeless people?

Asked by youknowconnor (256points) February 26th, 2008 from iPhone

This is just a random question I was wondering.

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I believe it is either Switzerland or Sweden one of which have basically no poverty.

At this stage of world development I don’t think that stats like that are very helpful, as they usually just mean that the poverty is gathered in some other country.

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It has to be Alaska North and South Pole because it’s so cold over there that people must live indoors.

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Right, but the Arctic North and Antarctica are shared territories not independent countries.

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I am not real sure but I read something the other day about this and it is either Norway or Sweden because of the Government plan of giveing everybody a way of life to the point to where no one is working, something like what “They” want to do here in the USA. If “they” support the many poor then it is the same as ruleing them, a dictatorship at the least, because “they” can tell you what to do, when to do it, and have to have no reason why. Freedom isn’t Free

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An almanac would have these stats, but my guess is more like Lichtenstein or some other small well-off nation. The Vatican if you count that – probably at 0% homelessness except for pigeons.

@Charlie, no. Try finding out more about what it’s actually like in Sweden or Norway – rent a documentary about it or look it up on the web or something. They’re extremely nice well-off places with plenty of freedom (and consumer indulgences) and little fear of poverty or violent crime. The people are well off, well-educated and polite, very friendly and peaceful. I’ve spent time in both countries. What lack of freedom comes from their social programs is mainly at the expense of people who want to be excessively rich. They still have some excessively rich people there, but practically no one who thinks they need to try to be excessively rich in order to avoid losing their home and medical care, etc.

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Also, homeless people would die off during the winter season in most part of Norway and Sweden. That would annually decrease the population of homeless people – like a culling of sorts.

It’s not considered a nice thing to let people freeze to death so, being a bit well off, there are relatively strong institutions for taking care of the homeless in those countries.

@zaku I would guess the Vatican is a safe bet at 0%.

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See answer at end.

I don’t know about Norway and their oil. But I have lived in Sweden for two years and have found that Swedes are good at hiding their problems. While some people might go homeless in California due to medical bills. Here if the government thinks your medicine is too much of an expense you just suffer or die. George Bush’s allies here just won a second term. And they are blaming their greed on the health care system. The government has now said that some bed ridden patients must find work. And many of the quaint houses here are rotting away. And someone has been shooting at local buses in Malmo. You only see a few seconds of this stuff on the news. Then you see how bad the rest of the world is. Many people here think that most Americans don’t have any health care or education. And then Americans compliment Sweden without looking at the details. And the Swedes think they must be better off since the Americans say so.

Taiwan has a very low poverty level according to one index. But the current government of Sweden would problably designate a cardboard box as a home as long as it has one IKEA furnishing in it and ‘enough’ newspaper insulation. So they win.

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