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What should I invtent?

Asked by mere (1points) February 26th, 2008
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Haha, great question. How about stylish rubber covers for baseball bat handles. Made in a better, grippy material like rubber. If things went well with that you could sell them for other things such as golf clubs. There may be a company already doing this, I haven’t checked. But I’ve always thought that’d be a great idea. The traditional leather covers where you put your hands are barely shock resistant.

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Lol, a time machine!

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Something that noone else has thought of.

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a way of making money that doesn’t require working!

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something that you could pass along to me, and let me become wealthy off of it :-). a time-machine will work also

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Since energy is a concern of everyone’s, why not reinvent a vehicle that can get better then 50 mpg like someone did back in the early 30’s with a 1932 ford V8. My old “56”,283 ci, auto, chevey got 24–26 mpg. My 2000 dodge, V6, fuel injected, auto, gets about 26–28mpg. YET, “they” can put a man on the moon and have fuel to spare. Go figure.

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as a follow up to Charlie, why not just make cold fusion possible. I’ve always thought it’d be cool if someone could figure a way to separate ammonia from urine and ignite it as a fuel, so all you would have to do is take a leak in your gas tank. Haha. But I’m serious.

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There was a fellow in South Dekota that did something what you are saying only He used what He got out of the cattle barn. This was back in the late to early 20s-30s. He actually sold it from a station that He built. It had a blue tint to it and I suspect it was Methain. My X-father-in-law knew the guy but in the end the COURTS made him stop selling the stuff to the public and The fellow was found dead one morning from a gunshot in the head. Go figure why we have NO real alternative fuel!!

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@ charlie: that’s insane.

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