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Is there any legal way to not pay students loans back?

Asked by lenny (80points) February 26th, 2008 from iPhone
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no i am pretty sure they are due even if you declare bankruptcy. i dont think they ever die. one of the few “I.O.U.‘s” that dont even forget about you…

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They can be forgiven in certain circumstances, such as working in certain professions (e.g. teaching) in designated underserved communities.

I had a friend, btw, who was and is still ducking $100k in student loans. No way to live if you ask me.

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possible stay in school FOREVER . that is if your loan says you pay for it “after” you graduate from school. lol.. but that is no way to live either In my opinion. just pay it back. you’ll be glad you did.

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active duty military can delay you but I don’t know how to legally get out of it.

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Yes. Die. In your case, I wholeheartedly recommend this strategy.

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there are plenty of military options that font send you over seas. Jeez. Besides, I was just pointing out that the military delays the repayment because I hand some ppl post online that it can cancel it.

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Pay them off, on time, as you promised.

You obtained these loans to finance your further education.The interest rate on these loans was subsidized by the Federal government, in other words, paid for by your fellow citizens. Repayment was delayed until such time as you have finished school and would be able to make the payments.

Live up to your obligations. You were helped when you needed help. Be an adult.

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Be of good character and face your debt. The money you borrowed is real.

One way to get lots of money to pay off the loans is to teach English in a foreign country such as Korea/Japan/etc.

If you go through an ESL agency, your room and board are taken care of; you recieve a very nice paycheck each month. Save all of it, don’t shop. Then you can pay off the loans and begin your career with no financial burdens.

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