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Can one use campaign donations to pay for ones student loans?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) April 16th, 2019

Yes? No? Or grey zone? Any district welcome , but prefer Alberta elections.

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Against the law ! Monies cannot be used for personal costs, daily food, car payments, apartment rental . . . etc!

You can’t collect campaign donations to pay off your student loans.

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No, leave those RedDeerGuy for Red Deer campaign contributions alone (although you can buy your election staff all the KFC they can eat.)

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Not in the US. No idea what laws in Canada are.

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Is the question “can you?” or “is it illegal?”, because it seems like many politicians often don’t equate those two questions…

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No. It would constitute fraud, I believe…

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Absolutely not. Its a quick way to lose as well as legal ramifications. Here, the Ethics Committee checks anything over 1000. In detail. Must be campaign related plus receipts.

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But if corporations and foreign countries book large amounts of needless and expensive stays in hotels you own, that’s just fine . . .

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