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What do you think it would be like if no one ever lied about anything?

Asked by Polly_Math (1738points) December 16th, 2009

I am wondering about the social, political, and personal ramifications if this were the case, as well as any other effects you may come up with.

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First. Lying is subjective.

A society that can handle all the truth it has to offer?

Yea ok. And chickens have lips.

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I don’t know about society and politics but I know I couldn’t handle all that honesty. Just think of all the negatives that would come out of people telling the truth about everything.

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It would be awesome! Let’s try it.

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It would be much easier but not very intriguing.

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@stratman37 – You lie! :-)

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We would learn to speak in riddles. The real point is not the lie itself, but the betrayal.

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@stratman37 OK! Your avatar is hideous!

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Did you see the Movie Liar, Liar with Jim Carey? Imagine everybody acting like that…LOL

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Until equilibrium was restored and everyone had a grip on tact, it would be like getting thumped on the nose a LOT.

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Everyone’s ass would look fat in their jeans!LOL!

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I have a dead body under my bed because the wood chipper is full.
That wasn’t chicken in your pot pie the other night.
Okay, now your turn….

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Can you say, “Barney & the Backyard Gang”?

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A world without lies sounds nice, doesn’t it ? I think it would be lonely. How many professional and personal relationships would last if everyone was truthful about everything all the time ?
We tell white lies and half truths every day. Society needs them for us to be able to interact without constantly alienating or hurting others.

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Booknight said it all!

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i’d love it!

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I agree with Booknight. It just wouldn’t work.

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