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Where do fruit flies come from?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7991points) December 16th, 2009

We were doing a science project where we made model cells, and most people did cells out of food. We left them completely covered, and then when we came back the next day, there were definitely gnats or fruit flies inside of the wrapping. Were the eggs there beforehand or did they magically appear inside?

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The fruit flies at their homes or the grocery store, probably laid eggs on the food beforehand.

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Flies used to be thought of as proof of spontaneous life, but the fact is the maggots came from somewhere, right?

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Gross, but they were there already? D:

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@pdworkin Yes! the original thought was that maggots were formed from decaying flesh, I think Pasteur finally put that to rest in 1862

Yes, the eggs were probably there already. You’d be surprised what you eat on a daily basis =)

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Mommy fruit flies.

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We eat a lot of insects and body parts per capita every year. I don’t mind really. Everything we eat have been alive at one point.

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@troubleinharlem Well, I agree that fruit is not very sentient, but still a living thing it is. You would be surprised how easy it is to extract dna from fruit.

Some people talk to their plants. I don’t. Though, if it would answer me I know it would ask me to have mercy and kill it.

I shouldn’t have plants.

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ROFLing at the clean-a-phobics here!!!

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Heaven!——lol!I don’t know…eggs that hatch on the fruit ? ;)

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The same place that white flies come from on plants brought inside to overwinter.

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I think the political correct term is “Alternative-Lifestyle Flies”

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