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Why am i constipated?

Asked by rcano (7points) February 27th, 2008
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maybe you ate to much cheese. Solution: try a laxative.

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not enough fiber?

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Never take both a laxative and a sleeping pill…

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Not enough fluids, recent illness, or a lack of fiber will do it, as well as other overlooked causes such as stress. Try drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruits. If it becomes too much to bear, go for a laxitive. Make sure to see a doctor if it goes on for too long. You could be come impacted and require emergency surgery. Yikes.

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you know, medically, you only constipated after a week of no poo, my advice, lactulose solution, always works for me

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As Alton Brown taught us: a combination of fiber and water. Fiber is no good unless it is, well, wet. Fiber cleans you out (which is what you want), but in order for it to work, you need to drink lots of water. Its like a sponge.

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Certain medications will cause it as well. Such as opiates. If you take opiate based painkillers, then you should be taking a laxative as well, not just raising your fiber intake. Opiates cause your digestive tract to work poorly, it’s a simple fact.

If you’re constipated on a regular basis, then change your diet. If you’ve recently been constipated and have changed your diet then you can fairly easily connect the dots.

It also happens as part of the aging process.

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