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When exactly will the iPhone SDK be released? Or at least when should we be expecting it?

Asked by rcano (7points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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Its been rumored the 28th of this month. But like most apple updates and a lot of products, its all just rumors and speculation.

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Well, Steve Jobs did say “in February” – and they are running out of time. I haven’t heard anything official about it being late, so I’d expect it on the last day of the month. But again, no one knows for sure.

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The rumor sites are pushing it back 1 to 3 weeks. I would rather have it work then be on time. And I can’t wait to start writing apps for the damn thing. I would say mid-march for a official introduction.

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it is confirmed apple will have an event on march 6 about the iPhone software roadmap including the iPhone sdk but it is not actually confirmed whether the sdk will be released at the same time. Personally I think apple secretly released the sdk to a select number of developers and not to the whole public. If u think about, if it were to be released to the public, think of all the excess number of unnecessary apps that would be floating around. I think these developers already have some programs ready but are still waiting for an official release date from apple. Just my opinion. Wow I answered my own question!

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