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Why do I willingly buy Apple products when I know they will just be outdated in a month?

Asked by xacrox (243points) February 27th, 2008

This is more of a self-asking question. and myself says “cause they are awesome”.

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It’s called Leo Laporte Syndrome. Many of us suffer from it and sadly, there is no cure.

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Who wants to be cured?!?

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Well, the lack of desire to be cured is of course a side affect. Truly sad.

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Because they’re absolutely gorgeous.

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Outdated in a month? I’ve had my 20” Intel 2ghz iMac for almost 3 years now and I still don’t need to replace it.

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oh, they don’t need replacing… they are just replaced on the market with better products. example: I have an 8GB Iphone, now they have a 16GB Iphone…

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Yea I agree with Spargett… “outdated in a month” isn’t completely accurate. I agree the apple “awesomeness” factor is an addiction that makes us want to drop what we bought last month to get the latest version but the hardware can easily last a couple years.

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why did you buy an iPhone in the first place? do you NEED 8 extra gb?

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Because you know that even the prior generation of Apple gear is better than most of the other stuff out on the market.

Because you know that Apple gear will most likely last 3 to 5 years, and it will still be good gear even if it’s not the latest and greatest thing.

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because you are an Apple fanboy

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@needleinthehay. Yeah I did, because I didn’t own an ipod at the time I bought it, but I just bought one of those too and have plenty of space now.

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Regardless of how frequently they are updated, they continue to work like a charm into old age. I have had my Powerbook G4 Titanium for 8 years, and I am running Leopard with no problems. I play WoW, do my design work with photoshop CS3, and compile code in XCode daily. I could sell it tomorrow for 400$ if I wanted to.

¬ Ever heard of someone still using an 8 year old PC laptop? LOL
¬ Can you run Vista [Leopard equivalent] on an 8 year old PC laptop? LOL
¬ Can you still sell an 8 year old PC laptop for more than 200$? LOL

So what if the next one is updated. Get over it and stop the gadget-desire for the latest and greatest. You’ve invested in something that loses value very slowly.

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I guess your question calls for another question. Would you prefer Apple to hold out on releasing a really cool product improvement they develop in 3 months and not release it for a year just so you don’t feel cheated? :)

I’m assuming when you’re referencing how your products become outdated that you feel cheated.

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@sprstar: I suppose I feel cheated in a way that I don’t have the latest and greatest but I know what I’m getting myself into.

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conspicuous consumption. Translated: Keeping up with the Joneses

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You might find this interesting:

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All you have to do is buy it! haha just kidding but I always want to.

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I love apple computers and im on one right now i really dont care if there is a new one each month because i love them and thats how i feel ya digg!!!!!!!

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Because an obsolete Apple product is superior to the competitions current products.

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Although all these “they still work after all these years’ stories are great, and honestly they are why I will continue to buy apple products, the annoyance that is raised with this question (tangential albiet) is that apple phases out old products. Case and point: my ibook g4 is in perfect running order, as good if not better than a current mid-range PC or current base-level mac, but not only is apple dropping support for my machine with the new OS(the last of the PPC chips) but I am also unable to access many new software packages due to the lack of universal support. Why am I being pressured to buy a new machine when I have a perfectly good one at home still? So the product I support wholeheartedly, but the business plan behind selling it is much too pushy for my liking.
and finally, to answer your question:
you buy a mac because it just makes sense.

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