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Can you give me tips on how to have a lucid dream?

Asked by stemnyjones (3969points) December 17th, 2009

I was just reading about it and I’d love if I could try it…

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Ha I just saw that movie waking life. go watch it. Anyways I just started trying to figure that out too. I guess the first step is to knowing you are dreaming. The other night i knew I was dreaming and I walked up and started talking to someone in my dream. But thats all the further ive gotten with it.

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I had read somewhere that if you think of the mantra ‘remember all dreams’ over and over before you fall asleep. you’ll be able to eventually train yourself to wake up after you have each dream and know exactly what has happened.

Personally when ever I remember my dreams which is rare I am able to manipulate them at will without even trying.

@LKidKyle1985 amazing movie.

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Every time it’s happened to me (only a couple times) it’s been by accident…. There has to be quite a few books written on this subject though.

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Most times you’ll acheive a lucid dream when you finally realize that you are experiencing a dream, and not reality. It is easiest to do this by remembering and making a note of things you remember from your dreams that were dead give aways that it was indeed a dream. Then you will more easily tell that your are experiencing a dream and become lucid. I hope this helps!

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Along the lines of what @Xann009 said, a classic technique is to develop the habit of doing dream checks through the day. Since there are certain anomalies that characterize dreams (e.g. mechanical and electrical devices don’t work as expected, printed text is unreadable, etc.), you can cultivate the habit of, say, routinely looking at clocks to see if they’re behaving, or flipping a light switch to see if it does what it’s supposed to, or reading some handy print, even when you’re sure your not dreaming.

The idea is that this habit will carry over into your dream life and you’ll occasionally be surprised to find that one of the tests turns out “positive”. So basically, your training yourself to continually ask, “Is this a dream?”

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Just keep telling yourself that you’re going to do it!

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One thing that I’ve heard works is making a dream diary. If you can remember all your dreams, you’re much more likely to have some degree of control over them.

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I do use some check-reality tricks – If jump and if I fly I know ‘m dreaming, but that’s mostly because I fly most of times and I love the feeling and I remember it!

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