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What kind of holiday tip should I give my hair stylist?

Asked by metadog (378points) December 17th, 2009

Hi! My wife and I have been going to this woman for years and have given her money or gifts for Christmas, but we have never been sure what was the best choice. If money, should it be some kind of percentage? What do you think?

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Make cookies! Yumm

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A nice bottle of wine might be good, if you know whether she drinks.

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You need to quit drinking! ;))

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I always tip 10–20 percent. During the holidays I usually also bring an elegantly wrapped gift. It is usually under $20.00, but it is something she may not buy for herself. It could be a candler, or an ornament from world market. This year I went to William Sonoma and got some peppermint hand soap and dish soap.

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How about setting up an hour or two of time for her to study with her favorite stylist?

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I second the wine idea. Don’t be to cheap though, as she could shave “scrooge” into the back of your head.

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Gifts are okay, but every person that has ever cut my hair, states they had rather have cash. being a man, my haircut is usually around $15 dollars. i always give the lady haircutter a $5 tip. she is happy and smiles from ear to ear.

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I like combo gifts, like something store-bought and something homemade. Maybe a gift card and some homemade candy.

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Or save the tip and buy a Flowbee for yourself.

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I usually tip my barber about 25%. In this season, the last haircut before Christmas I give him/her $50 extra.

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I was told that a good tip for a year of good service is the price of one visit or hair cut.

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I’d tell ‘em, “Would you mind not slurping on that nasty candy cane while your choppin’ on my hair?”

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Double your usual tip.

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I give my barber about 30% ... not really that bad, considering he only charges $10 to begin with .

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I usually give greeting cards with $20 in them to the workers I encounter, my pool cleaner, the people who deliver the mail and newspaper and such.

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my salon charges about 50 for the colorist i use. i have been wondering this same question – and asked it a few weeks ago. i usually tip her $10 every time she colors. i am wondering how much extra to tip her for the next coloring i get which will be weekend before christmas.

i am also wondering how much i should give the babysitter who watches my daughter 3 days a week. last year i gave her $30 gift card. i guess that’s ok. any opinions on the colorist and the babysitter’s tips are more than welcome..

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A good one of course! =-)

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