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What was your last purchase that was a total waste of money ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4660points) December 17th, 2009

Have you ever bought something that would have been better for you just to throw the money out the window .

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An AppleTV™

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Some medical tests I recently had done.

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A tin of cookies that looked delicious and taste like crap.
Pretty packaging can so be decieving. :(

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@Pandora Now that is disappointing.

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Taxi ride.

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Left 4 Dead 2. I get bored of it after 5 minutes of playing.

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A Sharper Image™ air purifier. After buying it for a ridiculous price for my mother who has lung cancer, I found out the machine does absolutely nothing to purify the air and I think there are lawsuits because the machine could have actually caused damage.

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everything i buy in the never ending pursuit to fill the void inside of me.mostly clothes and shoes,for dude,i have a DEEP wardrobe.

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This is a really great and potentially informative question!

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I bought what I thought was a Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine (a relatively rare British surplus military rifle) about a year ago for $320. It turns out the rifle wouldn’t chamber a .303 British round like it was supposed to. I took the gun apart and the wood and metal looks like it was shaped with a rock and a file. After a bit of research, I learned that the gun is a rather well-done copy probably made in the Khyber Pass region between India and Pakistan, a location famous for producing copies of mostly British and Soviet guns using often dubious techniques and materials. Even if I knew what round the gun shot, it probably wouldn’t be safe to fire. As is, the gun is useful only as a large paperweight or wall decoration.

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umm hehe
cocaine or what i bought was supposed to be it was fake and either way S-T-U-P-I-D

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@JLeslie I know, I am so sadden. :( It cost me 10 bucks. I mean if I eating, I’m punishing myself. If I give it away, “well that just isn’t nice”. And if I throw it away, I feel its like throwing 10 bucks away. Ah, I know. I’ll tell my husband to take it to work and leave it on his desk for anyone to snack or better yet, in the snack room. :) Maybe someone will like it and steal it. At least it will get eaten. Yeahhhhh!

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The last car we bought. I shouldn’t even say “we,” as I had very little to do with it.

It was a 2002 Ford Explorer, and the owner of the dealership is a client of my husband’s. He got the car for a bargain (traded some work with the dealer), paid for it outright, and for a few days we were really happy with it. Then, we couldn’t get it to pass the emissions test. Then, it kept overheating. The dealer tried three times to fix it, and then we started taking it to other mechanics. We finally got it to pass inspection, but it still kept overheating. Eventually we found out the head gasket was cracked. At this point, we’d spent about three grand on the stupid car. Thought it was finally done, but then it was still overheating. Apparently there are two gaskets, and the other one was also cracked. My husband decided he was done with it and sold it for about half what he’d originally paid.

Oh, I am still so mad about it. This question has me all riled up. I daydream about calling that dealership and tearing the owner a new one, or going in there to kick him in the shins. If he hadn’t been a client, my husband would have laid into him, but he didn’t want to lose the business. I get that thinking long term is important, but damn, I want to go off on that man. And my husband has been fired from buying cars.

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Another shampoo I turned out to be allergic to. If I had just thrown the money away instead of buying it, my head wouldnt itch right now.

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Rice cooker.

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Oh, really? I love my rice cooker. Wouldn’t want to be without it.

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A massage.

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4 books of stamps for Christmas cards. People immediately throw them away (me included), but somehow I still feel inclined to send them.

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@La_chica_gomela I’m allergic to a lot of shampoos and lotions that have plant stuff like Biolage shampoo and some others. I do much better with chemicals. More people are actually allergic to natural ingredients cosmetic products than synthetic from what I have heard.

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@JLeslie: Interesting. For me, it’s definitely chemicals.

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@La_chica_gomela You can get contact dermatitis testing if you want. I think that is the correct term, rather then allergy in this case. I once had it done years ago. They put little samples of chemicals on your back and you live with it for a couple of days if I remember correctly. I really did not think I had any of these so called allergies, but my doctor thought it was a good idea to test. Within a few hours of them putting it on my back I thought I was “allergic” to everything! I started getting itchy, but waited the correct time to get it removed. Each chemical is surrounded with tape, kind of like a bandaid I guess, with the chemical in the middle. My husband came with me to get it removed and he said I had perfect squares of red with no reaction in the middle. I was allergic to the “bandaids” or adhesive/latex in what held on the substances being tested, but not any of the substances that were being tested. No wonder my entire back itched.


Eyeglasses by Polo. I bought the frames and the lenses for over 800 bucks, but I regret buying them because they don’t look that good on me. What a waste of money.

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