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Appulous apps won't open?

Asked by XOIIO (18188points) December 17th, 2009

I just jailbroke my ipod, and succesfully synced some appulous apps to it, but when i try to open them a message pops up saying The application “Banner D-lux” cannot be opened.

This happens on several apps, but not all of them. What do I do?

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You have to download a package on cydia named “appsync” before you can run unsigned apps (such as cracked apps).
Please do support the app creators though, the people who made appulous created it with the intent of addressing the widespread concern over the app store policy of not offering refunds, allowing people to try out apps before spending money on them and finding out that what they bought was not what they saw on the store page.

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appsync doesn’t exist for 2.2.1 anymore, and i downloaded the mobileinstallationpack, and that allowed them to be downloaded, so i guess it worked. It’s just that some apps don’t open. Any ideas? Will I need to get the new os?

Btw, I am mainly getting apps I had purchased, but then lost and I don’t want to buy them again

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are you still on 2.2.1? mobileinstallationpack should work fine then. Any apps which don’t open might be corrupt downloads or improperly cracked.

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Yeah, I’m on 2.2.1. I’ve done most of the downloads from getapps or something simmilar to that name, and some of them thats the only download, should I try redownloading?

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Try downloading a different version, or if there are multiple downloads for the same version, try a different source. Some authors will upload dummy apps.

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Ok I’ll try that, thanks.

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