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Can you recommend some decorating books---that focus on cottage, vintage, shabby-worn style?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11250points) December 18th, 2009

I am trying to add to my collection of decorating books. Because I don’t live in the USA, I don’t always get wind of new books and/or style guides for decorating.

I have all of Rachel Ashwell’s books. the “Feather Your Nest” books, MEngelbreit, Laura Ashley and some others in that similar vein.

I like books that emphasize vintage, chippy-peely things, or items from bygone days that have been integrated with today’s decor. I like romantic (without being overly chintzy fussy), cottage type decor and/or flea market finds….but am open to suggestions.

Thanks so much!

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Do you get any of the magazines? I like this style, too.

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@PandoraBoxx…...I have a subscription to “Romantic Homes”....used to get “ME’s Home Companion” but it went out of business. I know about “Victoria” and need to subscribe to that. I also buy (when I can get someone to bring them from the States) the Somerset Life Mags and Home Mags.

There is also a very, very elusive magazine that is being printed in Denmark (?) or Sweden and it is supposed to be over—the-top gorgeous….can’t remember the name of it, but it is like getting a style book with each issue. I saw some bits of it…wow.

Any others?

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There’s a number of cottage style publications. Some are subsets of other publications and only come out bimonthly or quarterly. Will make note of them at the grocery and post them.

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You might be interested in the books by and about the work of Gustav Stickley and the “Craftsman” or “Mission” style of house design and furnishing. His was the ultimate expression of the Arts and Crafts style of William Morris, Green & Green, etc. Many of these books are in reprint, available through Amazon and the like. This style has the “cottagey” feel that you seem to like, a reaction to the overstuffed ornateness of the late Victoian/Edwardian era.

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Go on Amazon and search for a book called “American Junk”

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Try “shabby chic” as a key word in an Amazon search.

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Hi everyone….Yes….I am familiar with Stickley and the Arts and Crafts movement. Love it!
I will look up everyone’s suggestions!

Thanks sooooooooooo much!


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Okay….in case someone is reading this….months later, I have another (wonderful) book to add to the pile of shabby books and it is lovely!

Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O’ Neill link

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Another one to add: Homespun Style by Selina Lake

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