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How do I get my children to listen?

Asked by cake7 (519points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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You can beat or bribe them,but I’m not a parent so perhaps that is not the best advice.

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It depends on how old your children are (5 or 15)?

I would strongly advise against bribery or corporal punishment. Generally speaking, I recommend showing them respect and asking that they reciprocate in kind.

Think back to when you were a child. What did you think about your parents? Did you listen to them? What did they do to garner your attention and respect? Answer those questions for yourself and I think you will be able to apply those answers to your own children.

In my teenage years, my parents treated my like an adult, so (most of the time) I behaved like an adult. If they had treated me like a child, I probably would have fulfilled those expectations.

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Set clear expectations, with consequences for not living up to them. Make sure the expectations are appropriate for their ages, and the consequences are appropriate for the actions. Then enforce the consequences when they don’t live up to the expectations.

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I agree with previous post. In addition to strong boundaries, a reward system works well for our kids. For example, each time our kids respond appropriately, we make a big deal about getting a star on the refrigerator. 10 stars gets them a privelage that motivates them.

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You need to be firm and consistent. You are the parent, so you have to show them who is boss. Different things work for different kids, so you have to find what works for them, but the main thing is being consistent.

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What helps also is taking things away when they don’t listen. Such as favorite toys, tv, computer.. their favorite things. Tell them they have to earn it back by listening. Trust me it works, but you have to be consistent with it!

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