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What if someone linked to a leak of a song and then the artist who made the track?

Asked by anon30 (334points) December 18th, 2009

I was on twitter, & Tyrese (actor/singer) was saying come’ and buy his new song on iTunes, I looked @ & they got the leak to download free, so i was thinking, what if somebody on twitter did this “Go and download @tyrese4real (his twitter) new song” and twitted the link to the download. So Tyrese would see it.

would he be mad? or what do you think he would do?

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He’d probably be pissed and might even get his attorney involved? Maybe?

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sue the site or the person?

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@BlockStar22 The site, because they posted the song without permission.
Though they could get the person for downloading illegally if they looked into it.

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I suspect Tyrese would get his entertainment lawyer on it and try to shut the site down or sue them.

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Downloads: 11916 <——- alot in one day.

to be honest, i was gonna do it, haha but im like, hell no.

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@BlockStar22 – If you really like the man’s music, then let him know by purchasing it legally through iTunes. That will help him be able to record more music.

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Support the artist. Buy the music legally.

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Both the site and person would be liable, and possibly every person that downloaded the song.

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Yea i know, i buy albums & songs every Tuesday & Friday. I support my local artist’s and every other artist i listen too.

But I’m just saying.

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