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If a baby is born in space, what is it's nationality?

Asked by rangerr (15744points) December 19th, 2009

Hypothetically, don’t get all scientific on me.

So a pregnant woman is on a shuttle to the moon. Either after landing, or mid-trip she has the baby.
For this question, both parents are from different countries.

What is the baby considered?

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It would depend on what space station it was born. If a kid is born in an overseas base it is the nationality of the parents working on the base.

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@rangerr If it’s YOUR baby, maybe Moon Rangerr?

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the baby is an alien and it needs to be shot down from the sky!!

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I would expect that nationality would default to the mothers nationality.

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That is a provocative question, although one I have no clue on how to answer. GA anyway.

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It’s Russian, because the Russians were the first in space and thus space is Russian territory.

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It would be a space baby, given free access to roam wherever it pleases. I for one welcome our new space baby overlord.

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This is just a guess. This one might go all the way to the World Court id challenged. But it would probably follow the rule that births on military bases overseas follows, the child is the nationality of the government owning the base. So if it’s a moon shot, the baby would be a citizen of the country that launched the vehicle. But what if the baby has parents of different nationalities and is born on The International Space Station? What then? :-)

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I would feel really sorry for the baby!

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Wookie (but only if it’s born with hair)

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@Parrappa Baby overlord… hahahahaha.

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If I was born in space, I’d list my nationality as “outta this world”. Imagine how well that would go over on any government forms or job applications. LOL!!!

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a spacewalker. SPACECRAWLER!!

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@Shemarq—“Hello, I’m Klaatu Barada Niktu and I’m here for the 2:30 appointment for the weapons specialist position.”

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It would have dual citizenship following the precedent set by kids born on military bases.

Therefore he would have dual citizenship of Earth and The Milky Way Galaxy.

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The baby would be considered “The Man in The Moon”
It would depends of the parent’s nationality (specially the mother’s) just as John McCain is a US citizen even though he was born in Panama.

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Naughty preggo lady on the space shuttle! I fully just imagined a woman giving birth in zero gravity, lol, fun times!

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Spaceistani, Universistani, oh I know, Nilistani!
Or even Nietistani.

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@ragingloli I like it

In other news, I’m surprised someone (america) hasn’t tried to claim ownership of space yet.

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Earthling! Since the earth is basically the only place we know of where human beings live.

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I wish that Earth as a whole would become our main origin definition. Though it would seem rather pointless until the aliens come….oh yes…they are coming. But I would say the baby would be the nationality of his/her parents.

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No dodge of the logic, I would say the child would have the nationality of the nation the shuttle was registered of, and the nationality of the parents; which means it could have the nationality of 3 nations, what a coup.

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the baby’s nationality would be of the country that owns the space craft or ship.

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The child would be the nationality of the flag in which it was born under, unless that nation has laws that state that the nationality follows that of the mother, or in some cases, the father, if the two are not the same.

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