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Has anybody taken Mixed Martial Arts before? What is it like?

Asked by LeopardGecko (1237points) December 20th, 2009

Planning on taking it in January.

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I’m not really sure what ‘mixed martial arts’ means in your context. I had taken karate lessons as a child and was an expert with the pistol before I ever joined the army. The way the US Army taught hand-to-hand combat in the late seventies was a mixture of things, including knife, pistol and improvised weapons.

If you are training for a real world encounter with bad guys, don’t forget the armed as well as unarmed part. If it is permitted where you live, get combat pistol training. Learn to use an edged weapon. Get an instructor who realizes that almost any improvised weapon is better than bare-handed. Probably the best instructors would be people with Army Special Forces, Navy SEAL or British/Commonwealth SAS backgrounds. They are indoctrinated to use what works rather than loyalty to a particular “style”.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Google MMA. It’s worth learning about.

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@Zen_Again thanks, didn’t know what he meant in a civilian context.

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Didn’t realize that it is primarily a physical fitness program. Disregard previous commo.

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My youngest daughter has been in martial arts since she was 7 years old. I enrolled her primarily as an alternative to medicating her after she was diagnosed with ADHD. Best decision I ever made, by the way. She loves MMA, but she does not compete. Her main focus is TKD, but she likes to throw various other styles into her regimen as well. It keeps her physically fit, has taught her self discipline, how to remain focused, maintain control of herself and (as an added bonus) can defend herself in MOST situations. Of course, she has been taught along the way, how to keep herself out of most situations where she may need to defend herself. She currently holds a 4th degree black belt in TKD (which she achieved at 17 years old), a yellow belt in BJJ, is proficient in several weapons and is a certified instructor. Sorry….the last sentence was probably not necessary, but I AM a mom and can’t resist an opportunity to do a little bragging. ;-)

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I took Kung-Fu lessons when I was 18, but unfortunately I had to stop when I started to go to school…plus my instructor died and the temple lost its discipline. Once you join any martial art make sure and find time to practice, every day. Dont follow all the stuff u see on tv. According to the martial art,breathing and stretcthing is also important. It was very fortunate for me to be living close to the beach… Training there on an early mornings was really insightful. I felt like I was in the sholin- temple days. One more thing its about discipline!!! Martial Artists are always punctual, respectful and willing to help out others in need..dont forget this.

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Krav maga. Look it up. It is the most versatile, practical and least counter-intuitive of the modern mixed martial arts.

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My teacher was a jerk and made it not a fun experience.

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@davidk – The nearest Krav Maga to my place is too far away for me to take lessons at, I wish I could though.

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I find that “assorted” martial arts are more pleasing.

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