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What do you consider your greatest success in life so far?

Asked by Polly_Math (1738points) December 20th, 2009

How do you measure success?
What does it mean to you?
What area(s) in your life matters most to you?

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My kids.

A very distant second… been getting positive feedback for my work and it has given me the strength to pursue it – despite my fears and trepidations.

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that i haven’t killed myself….either deliberately or accidentally

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My 2 awesome kids. I will measure my success through them. I am lucky to have them for a short while and hope they blossom into wonderful caring people. I know that they will.

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Getting through the mental/physical/emotional abuse and coming out of it as a better person. Traveling all over for two years. Settling down in an amazing state and loving every minute. Going back to school after two years and coming out of my first semester with a 3.8 gpa.

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Losing my hair.

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Overcoming the traumas of my childhood and learning to be a (basically) happy, loving person.

Becoming a great mother – again with much hard work.

Getting over self-consciousness enough to be able to be a great teacher.

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the birth of my daughter. It was such a tough road just to get pregnant. Me and my wife had to do IVF to concieve.We went through lots of anger,tears,disapointment,and not to mention money just to produce our little girl.

and you know what?.....It was worth every moment.

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That I have live this long. I am twenty years past my perceived use by date.

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Getting through my divorce in the worst financial situation I have ever been in and turning it around in only 3 years without declaring bankruptcy. I was able to buy another house with a great credit rating.

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Surviving this long.

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Thus far, I have raised two kids who understand who they are, and who they represent.

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Unequivocally the fact that I helped (my wife did a little work nothing substantial~) bring 2 lives into this world courtesy of my fantastic children.

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Getting sober.

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Graduating college. I dropped out of high school. My dad was dead and my mom was doing ten years for a probation violation for killing my father. FML.

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Making it this far.

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Remaining relatively sane
while lost in a sea of insanity.

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keeping on despite periods of immense adversity, and embracing starting out again from scratch

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Remaining happy throught my life and having greatfriends around me all the time!

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I have learned how to be happy every day.

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being married to the same gal for 27 yrs and never cheated not once. Got a child raised and grown up. He’s 22. Which is way better than my old man did. How hard can it be

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I found away to get my Autistic Son to speak. I found an appropriate School for him. Despite that I live in NYC where they do not know ABA . He has ABA and he has made progress.
My job will go on for the rest of my life. Little successes with him are everything to me. I am currently looking for a decent Adult Program .

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@philosopher I have done volunteer work in several long term nursing homes, and have seen patients with severe brain injuries, maybe something like Therapeutic Independent Living home would work for you.

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