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Did you ever set a really big deadline for yourself? And did you make it?

Asked by Jeruba (51101points) 2 months ago

Like “I’m going to make a million dollars by age 35” or “I’m going to get married before my sister.” Realistic? Unrealistic?

In my case, it was “I’m going to get my driver’s license before I have another birthday.” The birthday in question was 41.

And yes, I made it. I had to con myself a little, but I did it. How about you?

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Yes, and yes.

They key: do the easy parts first, so all you have left is the hard stuff that you absolutely have to do.

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Nah, love and marriage got in the way. I’d been bumming around Tx, La,.and even Mexico and had this fantasy of joining the Foreign Legion. Yes seriously. Even had money saved for a one way trip to France. Long story but the money ended up financing our wedding and honeymoon. And diapers and formula for our baby girl. Actually hers from a previous messed up marriage but I always looked on her my baby. Anyways the Foreign Legion bit the dust. I was serious about it too, but shit happens. Or life happens?

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No. I’m always working hard toward something, but I never take the time to clearly define what that something is, much less when I want to get there.

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As a child I set my goal to be an accomplished author in my 20s.

I’m 25 and my comic is still in no condition to be published.

This has been the source of my insecurity. Sometimes I just don’t know if I’m just destined to accomplish anything at all. Maybe those people who didn’t believe in me were right, I’m only good at daydreaming, I’m not cut out for anything and I’m destined to be a failure.

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@Mimishu1995 that’s bull and you know it. I’ve seen your art work , you’re very talented. Rome wasn’t built in a day they say..but I predict you’re going to make it big, not just in Asia but in the West as.well..Just hang with it :)

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I use to work double shifts, 16 hours. Did that for eight months ! Saturdays were only six hours.

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@Nomore thank you so much for believing in me! I’m so glad I have people like you around. It helps me keep going.

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No prob Mimi hang in there!

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