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What's a good method for finding a quality printshop in LA?

Asked by andrew (16380points) February 27th, 2008

I’ve tried citysearch… any other suggestions?

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call your favorite small rock venue and ask them who prints their posters.

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What do you need to have printed, and how? If you give more specifics I might be able to recommend a shop.

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I think word of mouth works best. I’m a graphic designer in NYC, but I did a job for client in LA and we used this printer. I was happy with both the knowledgeable staff and the quality of the printed product:

nuprint & graphics

Other communities who might know include your local AIGA chapter:

or your local Graphic Artists’ Guild chapter, which seems to have a list of printers in their ‘resources’ area:

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@aielee: Specifically, I’m looking for non-letterpressed business cards that aren’t printed on crappy semi-glossy stock.

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I work with Southern California graphics in Culver City a lot. They’re a full-service print shop. They have a new digital press that will make printing a small-run of business cards pretty cheap, and they’ll print on whatever kind of stock you want. Send an email to Rick or call (310) 559–3600.

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you could send me the file and I could print it and ship it. I’m a designer in Norfolk, VA.

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ask your old printer for a recommendation!

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Does it have to be in LA these days it doesn’t matter where you are. Check out link or link both can print numerous products quickly at competitive prices.

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