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Any recommendations for a dentist in LA?

Asked by andrew (16553points) May 7th, 2008

Someone who’s pleasant. Bonus if they use nifty tools. Minus if they are from Beverly Hills and overcharge.

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I can highly recommend my dentist. His name is Gregory Vaysleb. He is Russian and really knows his business. What’s great about him firstly, is his rates are reasonable. Also, since my family & I have been using him, we’ve never had to go to a “specialist”. He does it all. For example, root canal, crowns, extractions, etc. Save lots of $$ not going to a “specialist”.

His phone # is 310–859-2638. Phoebe is the secretary. Tell him Esther & Ben Safran sent you.

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Andrew…I recommend Joseph N. Almaleh, D.D.S., in Encino, phone 818–788-7090. He’s a great dentist, a nice guy and is on the California State Board that monitors all state licensed dentists, investigates complaints, etc.. This appointment requires him to stay abreast of latest technology and new techniques. I have recommended him to others and they have all been pleased with his work, rates, insurance handling and office staff. He’ll keep you smiling!

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