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Which island of the Archipelago of Last Years would you want to live on?

Asked by J0E (13167points) December 21st, 2009

According to Rudolph’s Shiny New Year:

When a year ends, the old year retires to the Archipelago of Last Years and selects an island for himself after which time on that island remains frozen for eternity as the year in which the old year ruled.

In other words, if you could choose any past year to live in which would it be?

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1023. Where Sir1023 and all the fairy tale characters are.

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@Ghost_in_the_system You don’t need to pick one from the movie.

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@J0E were I to pick ANY time other than this, that is as good as any. The time frame where most fairy tales are based, to see where they get their start. Would be interesting.

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!989, my kids were still young and cute, I had a husband and a figure. Nothing hurt! But I think we’d go mad with the same year over and over.

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