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What is a word that means the same thing in all languages?

Asked by popo805 (4points) February 27th, 2008
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I know they are not words, but they translate almost perfectly each time: body language. Smiles, frowns and waves…

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I believe it is NO

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no is not the same in all languages

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No is not the same…it’s niet in Russian.

I’ve heard OK used across the world, even though it’s English, a lot of people use it. But to be honest, I don’t think there is one word that is the same in every language. Squirbel’s response is the best…

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$$$$ is virtually the same exept not the sign the “meaning”

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I think its “shark”, someone told me that once

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no is said differently & spelled differently but it universally MEANS the same thing

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like every other word in the dictionary

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I don’t think there is a universal spoken word the same in all languages. No was a good guess, but no isn’t always a one-syllable word. Sure, there are nyet, non and nein, but in Swahili it is three syllables—hapana. I thought maybe “mama” could possibly the word, since babies make the sound “mama” by opening and closing their hungry mouths while crying or gurgling as if it is the baby’s call for its mother. But even that doesn’t work because in Maa the word for mother is Yeiyo.

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Well if we stretch the definition of a word to contain onomatopoeias then I think “AAARG!” or “UNH” would come pretty close.

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there is noway there is a single word that all languages share. Some primative languages are sounds not really even words

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If I remember correctly, “Ok” was the most widely understood word in the world. Sadly, followed by “Coca-Cola” as number two.

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True, I think it was a Bill Bryson book (Made in America) that said “OK” is the most universally recognized phrase, but it may just be the most widely used Americanism.

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OK is a good answer but theres another one im looking for its pretty easy actually just google it =]

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OK and Coca-Cola

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Is there an echo in here?

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I’m pretty sure any trademarked product will fit the answer (Nike, Coca-Cola, Kodak, Microsoft, Apple…).

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I said Kodak as a bit of a joke, because it was invented by George Eastman as a word that would be pronounced the same in any language. It doesn’t actually mean anything. Sorry, my response was probably a bit obtuse.

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YAY!! thats right its Hallelujah.

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Hallelujah? I don’t buy that considering Christian based religions come in far behind in 3rd on most practiced religion.

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hallelujah is jewish, not Christian.

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i wouldnt say its christian either
its something you would say to celebrate you know?
so calm down look it up its true

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A wave in Mexico can mean something different than it does here, depending on how you wave. At least from what I remember from living there 30 years ago.

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Came here just to disagree, eh?

It is true that different waves translate differently in select cases. But smiles and frowns do not.

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Kaka (as in poo) and WC – water closet, which is commonly known as toilet… they are my guesses, but i know they are probably long off
These days with language, everything has derived from somewhere else, we use french in english, english in german, latin derived words – we all borrow from other languages! Who knows – maybe one day language might evolve to be the one and the same!

There is a story in the bible that explains how we got to have so many different languages, its called ‘The Tower of Babble’ Its an interesting concept for those who believe.

Other than that – Esperanto never really caught on…

Sorry for the tangent ;)

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There are only two words: TAXI and INTERNET.

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Hallelujah translates the same in every language.

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