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Do you have any cool lingo to share?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) October 2nd, 2020 from iPhone

I’m not 40 yet, and I still find words that seem to be in regular use that are not in my vocabulary.

When I do, I think, what else am I yet to hear?

Do you have some interesting words I might not have heard yet?

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Not sure if this is new or unknown lingo to most people, but I like “flex space” when referring to a room at home that can be used different ways. I’m seeing the term used more now, but I’ve been using it for years.

When I drew up plans for my house several years ago I purposely put in a flex space that could be used as a formal living room, office, or baby room. It was immediate off the foyer with double pocket doors creating a 6 foot wide opening, and had a second back door that opened to the hallway next to the Master Bedroom. If you closed the foyer doors it created a private room for the owners.

Now, I’m looking for a house where the formal dining room could double, or flex, as an office.

Mostly, I think about it for being able to resell a house easily, and also to keep house size down. Too many unnecessary rooms, but I like the rooms to be in certain parts of the house. I probably obsess about that more than necessary.

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“He daylighted the block.” (A truck driver who had a severe engine failure.)
“Well, shit the bed!”
“Well, suck me off with a brass bilge pump.”
“It’s a basket case.” (Somebody brought something into your shop to get fixed after they tore it apart.)

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This posts lack of replies proves to me, many things are intentionally obscured. Even while I am typing I have a word in mind I just learned that I won’t share.

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I don’t understand your remark about “intentionally obscured” (never mind how an absence of replies could prove anything at all). To me, what you’re looking for is obscured. When you asked for “cool lingo” I thought you were calling for a certain kind of word—not just slang (lingo: “the language and speech, especially the jargon, slang, or argot, of a particular field, group, or individual”) but cool slang.

Presumably cool contemporary slang, not slang of forty or fifty years ago.

It seems to me that others have interpreted your question the same way.

If what you wanted was words that belong to the standard lexicon but that might be new to you, that’s a different question. I encounter new words all the time in my reading, and hardly a day passes without my looking something up in a real or virtual dictionary. Here are a few recent ones, culled from my reading journal:


And here’s one that doesn’t stick no matter how often I see it or how often I look it up:


I do happen to know a lot of words, including jargon specific to a few fields, but I can’t say that any of them are cool.

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Here is a fun word: phthalate. It comes from chemistry. The ph at the beginning is silent.

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Yeet!! To throw or hurl something

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