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What kind of technology that we have right now do you think the next generation will be amazed at in the museums?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) December 23rd, 2009

Ya know…
Mother in a museum: “That’s an iPod. Back in my day, we used them to listen to music.”
Kid: “Whoa! You mean you didn’t have your music downloaded into your head?!”

Some thing like that. What do you think your kids (or maybe your grandkids) will be explaining to their kids? What do you think will be the most amazing? What will the future equivalent?

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Why our surgeries are still mostly done with metal tools.

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Laptop computers
Wired phones of any kind
Tape recorders
45 RPM vinyl records (not to mention “LP” records… 20 minutes per side—wow!)

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@gemiwing, not to mention “the idea of surgery itself”, especially amputation and prosthetics

Filling (and pulling) teeth

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@CyanoticWasp Ooh, good addition. “Mommy, why didn’t people just regrow their limbs with the dust?”

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Son: “What’s that dusty 3 inch box with a screen for?”
Father: “That was called the iPhone. Computers used to sit on our desk or held in our hands instead of being implanted into our eyeballs at birth.”

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Cash. Credit cards. Driver licenses. USB thumb drives. Everyone will have a storage device implanted so it can’t be lost that contains all identification and banking information, along with any other data needed.

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Cars used to run on gasoline?

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Touch screens. After people are able to manipulate atomic matter through brain power (~), kids’ll wonder how we ever had to “touch” anything to get what we wanted.

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The ludicrous human notion that pets are subservient. They will be running the museums of the future. Love, Milo

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“Well, we used to have jobs. Until robots took over. Now we can all finally sit on our ass and relaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! SKYNET has turned on us! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!.................”

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“What are those mommy?”
“Those are called shirts, dear. Before we had full body platinum uniforms we used to wear individual items for our top and bottom.”

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Smart Cars. people will wonder how in the world we ever made it in such a small vehicle. by the time this reaches a museum, aircars will probably have taken over automobiles as we know them today. since we are running out of parking spaces for autos and room on the interstates, aircars are the next logical invention.

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Humans. “Just imagine! These ugly creatures are what was here before we arrived and cleaned the joint up!”

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@CyanoticWasp Yeah, definitely television. But it will be gone within, I expect, ten years.

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They called that a car?

Where do you attach the Ox?

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Anything with a plug.

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@Snarp “How did you deal with all those cords?!”

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I was recently given an old record player and was going through my old vinyl’s…...My 13 yr old son came over and asked “Dad are these the Cd’s” , i tried to explain the workings of a record player but just got that “What are you talking about” look!!

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I watch Madagascar 2 on DVD with my son periodically, and one day discovered the commentary was available as subtitles. Made a whole new viewing experience so I’m not so bored. But one commentary was on the 8 track player on the plane. They say “someday kids will be asking ‘what’s that new music technology?’”

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@snarp Have you and your kid ever seen Madagascar 2?

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Fax machines
Film cameras

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My place is a sort of museum, and my grandkids (the next generation) are amazed that I don’t have a cell phone, don’t know how to twitter or text, have an old dvd player so I can still watch my VHS tapes, too, that I only listen to music from the speakers of my computer or stereo, and that I don’t have my photo or personal information on google. Call me old fashioned, or as they do, old school, but I accomplish a hell of a lot more in a day than they do, here in my museum:)

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6th Sense technology.We are still awaiting it’s arrival.

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Did you have a credit card, too, Daddy? Why?

Electric utility plants
Gas stations
Telephone poles
Cars that only work on the ground (yeah, right… they’ll be wanting their flying car, too)

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My parents still have an old IBM computer whose twin is in the Smithsonian.

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Printed books and “hard copy” – alas!

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buying DVD’s, instead of the instantly available anything you want future.
That, and snuggies.

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Chia Pets

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Coal-fired power plants.

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