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What should I make for dessert, preferably involving cranberries and oranges?

Asked by hannahsugs (3243points) December 23rd, 2009

My family is having some friends over for dinner, on what happens to be Christmas day (but none of us celebrate the holiday, so the fact that it’s christmas isn’t so important). I volunteered to make dessert. I’d like to do something with either cranberries or oranges, and preferably both. I have in mind a cranberry-orange bundt cake or something like that, but I haven’t been able to find a recipe that I trust. Do you have a tried-and-true cranberry-orange desert recipe that you can recommend?

Thanks everyone!

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You can go to and enter whatever ingredients you have and the website will come up with a recipe for those ingredients.

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and, sorry, definitely not a ‘tried and true’ recipe, but an interesting website anyway.

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Chocolate cake ;)))

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@lfino: thanks, but i’m not interested in recipes involving cake mix and instant pudding. Whatever i make, it’s going to be from scratch

@lucillelucillelucille: We have several people who don’t eat chocolate for health reasons who will be at dinner. That’s why i’m looking for a recipe that uses fruit.

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Sherbert? I like a nice cranberry orange relish right off the back of the package, but it’s a little intense for desert.

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You know what’s delicious? Cranberry-orange muffins. They seem almost as popular as lemon-poppyseed!

Although I rarely make them, and even more rarely from scratch, this recipe has many good reviews. It also looks low in fat and super easy. Mmm….I might have to make some myself! :D

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Scones would be good.

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@hannahsugs, you had mentioned cake in your question – just sayin’. Any kind of cake and/or pudding can actually be made from scratch and is actually tons better than a mix.

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@lfino: yup! I agree completely, which is why i want a recipe from scratch. Actually, a cranberry orange bundt cake is exactly what i would like to make, but I’m not confident enough to make up my own recipe, even based on the betty crocker one. If anyone has a recipe that doesn’t use mixes, I’d love to hear about it!

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@evegrimm: thanks! I’ll definitely consider muffins if I can’t find a good cake recipe. I can always call them cupcakes, right?

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@hannahsugs, sure! Just make some orange buttercream frosting to slather on top! ;)

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This was in our local newspaper. I haven’t made it personally, so I can’t comment, but it looks pretty good:

Cranberry orange cornmeal cake

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Gingerbread Cake with an orange coulis-type thing and cranberries

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Warm cranberry compote over ice cream is yummy. Heat up (dried, sweetened) cranberries, zest and juice from the oranges, and a bit of water and pour it over the ice cream. Simple and delicious!

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Cook the cranberries and orange pieces until tender, stir in whipped cream and have a fruit Jello parfait.

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